50+ Best JavaScript and jQuery Plugins

jQuery is a fantastic JavaScript library for developing user interactions quickly.  It has made web design faster, easier and more accessible. Following are the best jQuery plugins to save you time and effort.

Developed in 2006 by John Resig, jQuery has been gaining in popularity across the globe. With the thousands of plugins, it’s no wonder why many web designers and other professionals fell in love with it.

jQuery has a superb library for designing or developing user interactions in real time as it comes packed with useful plugins. From CSS animation, explosion effect to the image gallery, its library also offers core building blocks that ensure fast and efficient prototyping. Not only that, it delivers a unique and user-friendly interface with minimum effort.

When it comes to creating additional functionality, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. All you have to do is to use plugins. Not only does it guarantee great results, but it also saves time and effort.

Some of the best jQuery plugins are listed below:

Color Picker

Palette Color Picker
  • Bootstrap Colorpicker Plus – Th is a more user-friendly color picker which integrated the Bootstrap Colorpicker.  The plugin adds a color picker to any elements, be it dropdown or input field.
  • Palette Color Picker – Palette Color Picker is a jQuery component to pick colors from a predefined palette.

Rich Text Editors

Red Actor
  • CodeX Editor – Editor.js is next generation block styled editor. It returns clean data output in JSON.
  • Red Actor – This is a simple, lightweight and a standalone JavaScript editor which can be easily customised to be integrated with any website.


  • reveal.js – reveal.js is a framework for easily creating beautiful animated sliders. It comes with a broad range of features including nested slides, Markdown contents, PDF export, speaker notes.
  • Round Slider – Have you been searching for a slider that can be customized to suit your interests? The long wait is over! The availability of Round Slider will transform your experience into extreme enjoyment. Its circular slider allows you to select a variety of values. Just mouse over the circle to get started. When it comes to the full slider, it is the default setup. It is also flexible as it enables you to use it to get half-circle and pie shapes. But wait, there’s more! It has CCS styles you can adjust in different ways. There are no images involved. It’s made with JavaScript and CSS.
  • slick – Slick is a carousel plugin which can slide any types of content, be it image or any div.


  • Tooltipster – A modern take on the tool-tip, Tooltipster allows users to present any HTML-enabled tooltips in the form of semantic markup. It has CCS that gives you a maximum control over the display. Moreover, there’s a range of configuration options to pick.


  • nanogallery2 – Specially designed to simplify image galleries, nanogallery2 provides superb navigation in lightbox, albums, slideshow, pagination, image lazy load, and fullscreen to name a few. It is also responsive, touch-enabled, and fast. When searching for improved user experience, take advantage of the version 2. New features include a shopping cart, advanced hover effects, social sharing, thumbnail display transitions, and more.
  • jQuery Viewer – jQuery Viewer is a jQuery plugin wrapper for Viewer.Js, a JavaScript image viewer.


  • Tabslet – As the name indicates, Tabslet is a lightweight and user-friendly plugin for making tabs. Designed to support controls, Tabslet also features great rotation, deep linking, and custom events. Aside from that, there are other useful functionality to choose from.


  • Material Design Hierarchical Display – Another best jQuery plugin is Material Design Hierarchical Display. Its animation effects make it an ideal option for all users out there. While you can use it to guide people’s attention, you can also lead them from a point to another. Plus, it has an excellent documentation you cannot afford to miss.
  • Muuri – Are you looking for a flexible, responsive, sortable, draggable, and filterable layout? Don’t look further than Muuri. Its layout system allows you to position grid items of different sizes within a container. By default, it arranges everything expertly. You can also add your version of a layout algorithm for a variety of layout styles.


  • TwentyTwenty – Have you been placing two images side-by-side to show their differences? Then, why don’t you place one on top of the other with the use of TwentyTwenty? You can even drag a slider to show the bottom image. This enables you to see any changes with ease.


  • Slinky – Known to have timeless menu design, Slinky is elegant and useful for different scenarios. You can also select an animation of your choice to achieve the right appeal and aesthetic value.


  • jInvertSroll – Want to implement horizontal scrolling with a parallax effect? Then, you have come to the right place! JInvertSroll makes the process easy and simple. While you move different layers of landscape at a range of speeds, make sure to roll your scroll wheel on its demo website. This creates an illusion of depth and boosts curb appeal.
  • Tilted Page Scroll – Another jQuery plugin is Tilted Page Scroll from Pete R. Whether you want to catch your target market’s attention or add extra depth to your website, this is something you shouldn’t miss. Having this plugin installed, your content will tilt into view as you scroll up or down the page. This effect is attractive and easy to implement. Ask help from a professional to maximize great results.
  • AnchorScroll.js – Every industry has a fierce competition. This makes building brand awareness, promoting online visibility, and increasing a high ROI difficult. Don’t worry! AnchorScroll comes to your rescue. Not only is it tailored to fulfill these goals, but it is also developed to help everyone stand out from the competition. Easy-to-use and lightweight, it gives you smooth scrolling experience to anchor targets. Plus, it has a bounce or blur effect for you.

Face Detection

  • Face Detection – Another jQuery plugin to grab is Face Detection. This does not only get the coordinates of human faces in videos, but it also uses excellent face detection algorithm. Have your existing plugin replaced today and expect a hassle-free experience ahead.


  • SVGMagic – Taking advantage of SVG images is a wise idea. Not only does it look sharp at different sizes, but it also helps you avoid all the worries of browser compatibility issues. Whenever SVG is unsupported, it searches for SVG images, replaces them with PNG versions, and provides a fun experience.

Image Cropping

  • Focuspoint – Responsive web design can create a single page that is mobile-friendly. But a website can lose the focal point when it crops images to fit viewports automatically. Don’t lose hope! Focuspoint makes every image looks perfect in any container. All you have to do is to specify a focal point. Then, this jQuery plugin will crop out any unwanted parts.
  • Cropit – Cropit is the first image cropping plugin on our list, and it is a great plugin. It allows you to load the images natively with the help of a file reader using the drag and drop functionality.


  • Timeline.js – Tired of the carousel component? Or overwhelmed with low web traffic and sales? Whatever the case may be, Timeline.js has got you covered as it provides a twist. It offers all the features you need for your carousel timeline. If you want a slider that progresses based on chronological arrangement, Timeline.js got your back. It includes a multitude of functional and visual customization options, too.

Create Flip Effects

  • flipLightBox – flipLightBox is a free jQuery plugin to create flip effects and is also the most popular jQuery plugins for flip effects. It is a responsive plugin which is also very easy to implement.


  • SmartWizard – SmartWizard is very easy to manage while offering a stylish interface at the same time. A lot of features such as toolbars come with the smart wizard and in time, more things will be added to improve the quality and the process of this plugin.

Lazy Load

  • BttrLazyLoading – his jQuery plugin allows a website to delay loading of images on the webpage until the users scroll to them.

Auto Complete

  • autocomplete – autocomplete is a lightweight completion suggester plugin for jQuery. It is developed by the famous free Public Domain images provider, pixabay.com


  • MediaElement.js – This audio plugin tops the list because of its high compatibility with local or third-party sources. It supports audio from SoundCloud, Youtube, Witch and DailyMotion


  • tWism – It has a clickable Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) Maps jQuery Plugin that makes locations clickable on the website. This plugin is lightweight and highly detailed.

Create Responsive Navigation Menu

  • Sidr – You will easily create responsive menus on the left and right sides of a website. Furthermore, they will adapt to the smartphone users.


  • Transit – Transit is a free jquery transition plugin that allows you to put super smooth Cascading Style Sheets transitions and transformation for to your jQuery.

Create One Page Website

  • fullPage.js – fullPage.jsis a jQuery plugin to create a single page website. It is simple and is user-friendly. It allows visitors to scroll horizontally as well as vertically.

For E-Commerce Sites

  • Simple Cart – Basically, the name will define the plugin. A user will see a cart on a page which can come in all possible variations and which can look precisely as you want it.

Parallax Effect

  • Parallaxify – Parallaxify, as the name suggests, is a jQuery Parallax plugin that allows you to add Parallax effects to your content. This effect is achieved either by using the movement from your mouse or data from the gyroscope in the device

EU Cookie Law

  • cookiefy – cookiefy is a simple jQuery Plugin. It displays the EU cookie disclaimer bar at the bottom of the webpage to allow the website to comply with the EU Law.

Create Popup

  • AnimatedModal.js – The AnimatedModal.js plugin allows you to create responsive and beautiful modal or popup windows. These modals also come equipped with a stylesheet which will enable you to further add animations to it.

Form Validator

  • jQuery Validation Plugin – This plugin is lightweight and can be used to add validation rules to any of the jQuery forms. This plugin can be easily customized to suit the need. jQuery Validation plugin makes client validation easy as well.

Data Table

  • DataTables – Data Table is a very flexible tool for jQuery. It adds all the advanced features of the HTML tables beside being a flexible tool to enhance and build p the progressive enhancements.

Social Sharing

  • GoodShare.js – It is a useful JavaScript solution to enable visitors to share a link from your website to their social media networks or also as mobile phone messages.

Creating Floating Elements

  • jqFloats.js – jqFloats.js helps website developers to create lively and exciting web pages with the help of the floating elements.

File Upload

  • Uppy – Uppy is a lightweight, sleek jQuery File upload plugin with a chic and modern design interface. It is a modular file upload plugin that merge perfectly with any framework.

Create Fixed Elements

Sticky Kit


  • Flot – Flot is a pure JavaScript charting library for jQuery, with a focus on simple usage, attractive looks and interactive features.

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