3 jQuery Autocomplete Plugins

Autocomplete is a useful feature that is widely used for both front-end and back-end functions. It is a tedious task for users to browse through a list of available options. Autocomplete can help make this task easier by providing suitable results based on the user’s input search query. If you want to make your website looks more professional and user-friendly by adding an autocomplete feature, here are the best 3 jQuery Auto Complete Plugins to choose from.


autocomplete is a lightweight completion suggester plugin for jQuery. It is developed by the famous free Public Domain images provider, pixabay.com. Autocomplete was designed mainly with AJAX requests in mind, but it does support local data. Local data can be an array of strings. AJAX request is made simple by using a simple callback function as the source for suggestions.

Ajax Auto Complete

This jQuery plugin allows you to easily create autocomplete/autosuggest boxes for text input fields. autocomplete plugin is developed based on this plugin. It supports lots of settings such as local data, AJAX request returns, cache, and result in popup styling.


EasyAutocomplete is a jQuery autocomplete plugin with lots of customizable options. The plugin supports both local and remote data sets (JSON, XML, and plain text), ajax method calls, searching, sorting, and matching the response results. It comes with a couple of different default list templates and allows you to create new list templates. EasyAutocomplete also supports callback handles, so it can be used to run functions on specific events.

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