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Step into the world of tech with ease and confidence! We’ve got a bunch of cool tech tips and tricks that’ll make you a tech wizard in no time. From secret smartphone hacks that make your day-to-day life easier to keyboard shortcuts that’ll speed up your work on the computer, we cover it all.

Tech Life Hacks You Should Know

Bulk delete Youtube Watch Later videos

To delete all videos from your YouTube ‘Watch Later’ list in bulk, you can use a JavaScript script in your web browser.

This method involves opening the ‘Watch Later’ page on YouTube, then accessing your browser’s developer tools to run a custom script. The script will automatically remove all videos from the list.

Facebook Text Formatting Tool

To format text on platforms like Facebook and Twitter, which don’t support direct text formatting in posts, you can use a Facebook Text Formatting Tool.

This tool converts regular characters into Unicode characters that appear as bold, italic, or strikethrough text. By transforming your text using this tool, you can then copy and paste the formatted text into your social media posts, giving them a unique style.

When trouble arises, restart your PC

If you encounter issues with your computer, a simple restart can often resolve them.

It clears the system’s memory, ensures that any pending updates are completed, and can enhance overall productivity and performance.

Use foreign characters for a strong password

For a stronger password that’s hard to crack, include characters from languages other than English on your keyboard.

These can be letters with accents, symbols, or characters from different alphabets.

Capture a screenshot with Snipping Tool

On a Windows PC, access the “Snipping Tool” by right-clicking the “Start” button and selecting “search.” Or you can press Alt + Windows key + S to quickly open the tool.

On a Mac, press and hold “Shift+Command+4” and use the crosshair to select the screen area you want to capture.

Protect your eyes with automated screen brightness

Exposure to blue light can disrupt sleep patterns. To safeguard your eyes and improve sleep quality, Windows has a feature called ‘Night Light’ that automatically adjusts your screen to emit warmer colors, reducing blue light exposure.

To enable this feature, right-click the “Start” button, search for “Night Light,” and click on it. Choose “Schedule night light” and set the desired hours of activation.

Re-open a closed tab

To reopen a browser tab that was closed by mistake, press Ctrl + Shift + T on a Windows computer or Cmd + Shift + T on a Mac. This keyboard shortcut quickly restores the most recently closed tab in your web browser.

If you need to recover more than one tab, just repeat the shortcut until you get back the tabs you need.

Improve YouTube experience with keyboard shortcuts

The number keys 0 to 9 let you jump to specific parts of a video. For example, pressing 5 moves you to the halfway point (50%), and pressing 7 takes you to 70% of the video’s duration.

During playback, use the J, K, and L keys for more control: J rewinds the video, K pauses it, and L fast-forwards.

Where to hide emergency cash

For unexpected situations where you might need cash, consider stashing a small amount between your phone and its case.

It’s especially useful if you find yourself in a scenario where digital payments aren’t accepted or if you lose your wallet.

Use Google Scholar for research papers

When you’re tackling college assignments and need to find reliable sources, skip regular Google and head straight to Google Scholar at This site specializes in academic and scholarly articles, making it a better choice for in-depth research.

To make your search even more efficient, add “PDF” to your search terms. This little trick helps you find downloadable versions of the articles or papers you need.

Stop charging your laptop at 80%

By charging your laptop battery up to only 80% instead of the full 100%, you can increase its overall lifespan.

This method effectively maintains the battery’s capacity for a longer period.

Reduce Excel file size

When you save an Excel file as an .XLSB (Binary Workbook), it can significantly reduce the file size, often cutting it down by 50% to 75%.

This format is more efficient for storage and can be particularly useful for large files.

Find cool new gadgets

To discover new and interesting gadgets, consider visiting our dedicated page that specializes in the latest tech releases. We feature a range of innovative products, from cutting-edge electronics to unique household items.

Discover interesting technology facts

Technology can be summed up as “stunning.” It’s filled with countless fascinating facts that can surprise and deepen your appreciation for this field.

Switch to 99% grey when black ink runs out

When your printer runs out of black ink, a handy workaround is to change your document’s font color to a dark grey, specifically the color code #010101.

This color is almost indistinguishable from true black but uses other color inks, allowing you to keep printing without immediately replacing the black ink cartridge.

Paste plain text

For pasting copied text without carrying over any of its original formatting, simply use the keyboard shortcut Cmd + Shift + V on a Mac, or Ctrl + Shift + V on a Windows computer.

This shortcut ensures that the text blends seamlessly with the formatting of the document you’re pasting into.

Open blocked websites

To access a website that’s blocked by your school or office network, you can use Google Translate as a proxy.

Just paste the URL of the blocked site into Google Translate, and then click on the translated link to view the website.

Remember timestamp with a phone

To create a precise timestamp for remembering a specific time, you can make a missed call to any number. This action logs the time of the call in your phone’s call history, providing an exact record of the moment you need to note.

This method is particularly useful when you need to remember the time of an event or action and don’t have a pen and paper or other means to note it down immediately.

Delete files and folders permanently

If you want to delete files or folders without sending them to the trash bin, you can use a simple keyboard shortcut.

Just select the items you want to remove and press Shift + Del. By doing this, you will permanently delete the selected files or folders without them going to the trash bin.

Instant mirror hack

Ever found yourself needing a mirror but none was around? Here’s a nifty trick: your smartphone can double as a mirror! Simply activate the front-facing camera, the one you use for selfies.

This transforms your phone into a convenient mirror, ideal for a quick appearance check or in situations where a traditional mirror isn’t available. 

Block ads with Airplane Mode

Want to enjoy mobile games without the interruption of ads? A simple solution is at your fingertips: switch your phone to Airplane Mode.

This mode disables your device’s internet connection, which in turn stops ads from popping up in most games.

Save battery with darker wallpapers

Choosing a dark wallpaper or theme for your AMOLED screen smartphone can extend battery life by a significant 6%-8%.

The reason behind this efficiency lies in the technology of AMOLED screens. These screens illuminate each pixel individually. When darker themes or wallpapers are used, fewer pixels need to light up, reducing the energy consumption of the display.

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