Cool Tech Gadgets – Best New Gadgets to Buy in 2019

Looking for the best gadgets to buy? Do not look any further! Here are the top ones just for you!

Best New Tech Gadgets to Buy

  • 2019
  • glap Dual Shock Wireless Controller

    glap Dual Shock Wireless Controller is an excellently designed controller for Android phones. Its ergonomic handles offer maximum comfort and easy access to all controls and can stretch to hold your device comfortably. The controller supports most Android devices and their OS versions, while offering up to 10 hours of gaming time. The Bluetooth 4.1 technology ensures a continuous and stable connection.
  • Samsung Galaxy Buds 2019

    These earbuds are developed for Android and iOS devices. They run on all smartphones and tablets with Android 5.0 and 1.5 GB of RAM. The main advantage is the sound driver tuned by AKG which offers a wide range of sounds. There is bass which is powerful yet pleasant to the ears. The model is available in several colors, including white, silver, black and yellow. The battery life is 6 hours and an additional 7 hours from the case included in the package.
  • Lenovo Smart Clock

    Lenovo Smart Clock is a small, compact and amazing device. It is fully compatible with the Google Assistant, meaning users can link the two and instruct the alarm clock to do literally anything. Besides, the gadget will charge your devices, it can wake you up carefully in the morning by presenting bright faces on the screen before the actual alarm.
  • Mophie Juice Pack Access

    The following gadget is reserved for Apple users. It is compatible with iPhone XS, XR, and Xs Max. Basically, it is a power bank built into the case for the smartphone. Users can get 31 hours of extended battery life and can charge the device using any wireless charging pad. In addition, the unit leaves lighting port free and it won’t make your smartphone much bigger.
  • Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses

    Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses are precisely as the name suggests. First of all, these are actual sunglass with UV protection. But they are also paired with earbuds that are hidden in the frame itself. The gadget uses Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone and stream music. Yes, you are the only person who can hear that music.
  • Nanoleaf Modular Light Panels

    The panel is much more than you may think the first time when you see it. The unit is a sophisticated gadget that can mimic raising the sun, can be adjusted to follow the rhythm of your playlist or to be used as an ordinary lamp. The best part is in the fact you will have an advanced app which is compatible with all modern devices and which can control the panel literally from anywhere.
  • Waverly Ambassador Translator

    It is a stunning translator-based device that offers you so much. You will use one of the two gadgets that are included in the package while a person you are talking with will use another. The device will translate the voice directly and without any delay. The best part, it looks modern and sophisticated.
  • LG Signature OLED TV R9

    LG Signature OLED TV R9 is a rolling TV. It has 65 inches screen that can be extended above the main compartment when needed. When you don’t need it, it will roll down to the base and stay completely hidden. The TV is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa and features 4K among other features. The device will soon hit the market and we expect massive popularity.
  • Galaxy Note 10 and 10+

    Galaxy Note 10 is a formidable Android phone. Thanks to its Infinity-O display, the phone features a 6.8-inch display in a design that's both thinner and lighter than the Galaxy Note 9. What we can expect from it are big screen size, good camera, strong performance, Live Focus effects for video and an S-pen with Air Actions gestures. The cons are no headphone jack, no SD card expansion, underwhelming battery life, and a bit pricey.
  • DOSS SoundBox Bluetooth Speaker

    DOSS SoundBox has 12-watt speakers that give quality sounds and of course – deeper bass. It is portable due to its size and weight. The metallic design makes the SoundBox an excellent companion, whether you’re outdoor or indoor. Control the speaker using the sensitive touch button that has a Laser Carving finish.
  • usogood Trail Camera

    usogood Trail Camera has a 14MP resolution that allows you to see each moment of your hunting adventure. The high definition video allows users to record excellent videos on the wild. The camera has a long battery life that lets hunters capture every moment of their hunting experience.
  • Google Pixel 3a

    The Pixel 3a has changed everything we knew about midrangers. The phone has great performance like Pocophone F1, a nice design like Xiaomi Mi 9 and great battery life Moto G7 Power. Its build quality is excellent with polycarbonate body. Google also brings high quality 1080p OLED panels to this price point.
  • AnoKe Mobile Gaming Controller

    AnoKe Mobile Gaming Controller comes with LR buttons and grips which help you enhance the gaming experience and say goodbye to finger numbness. This mobile game triggers are perfectly compatible with PUBG, Rules of Survival, Knives Out, Survivor Royale, Critical Ops etc.. shooting games. It is compatible with most of new Android games as well.
  • Sony LSPX-S2

    LSPX-S2 glass sound speaker fill your space with crystal clear sound, plus ambient illumination through a speaker designed to blend seamlessly into your life. The speaker supports 360 audio, hi-Res Audio, warm sound, subtle lighting, and spotify Connect.
  • Apple Airpods 2

    The 2nd generation AirPods have arrived, and it looks exactly the same as the first generation. Airpods 2 come with a wireless charging case and a pair of faster and more stable wireless connection H1 chip-powered buds. There is nothing new here apart from some cosmetic tweaks to the wireless charging case.
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 & S10 Plus

    It is only the start of 2019 but Samsung has already set the bar high for Android smartphones with its flagship, Galaxy S10 and S10+. The phone features an Infinity-O screen that introduces nearly-edge-to-edge look, a triple-lens rear camera that takes ultra-wide photos, in-screen fingerprint sensor, 8GB RAM at minimum, and Wireless PowerShare that allows you to charge any Qi-compatible device.
  • 2018
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 6

    Aimed at people who need to work on the go, Microsoft Surface Pro is lightweight and provides enough processing power to handle the basics with ease. Surface Pro 6 offers fast quad-core 8th gen Intel laptop CPUs, excellent battery life, high-resolution display, comfortable keyboard, and silky-smooth pen input.
  • Apple iPhone XS

    As the newest model, the XS replaces the X’s model of 2017 and is between the giant XS Max and more affordable XR. It is a big phone with a large 5.8-inch screen. Both XS and XS Max feature the best mix of hardware and software. They seem to fully abandon the older build of iPhone 6. Although there is no headphone jack and Home Button, its gorgeous look and superb processing more make both an ideal choice.
  • Nintendo Switch Gaming Console

    This ground-breaking console seems to surpass PS4 or Xbox One. However, it makes its own route to its success by re-defining gaming at home as well as on-the-go. The credit goes to the best first-party titles. The brand has made it with the aim to make it the only console or device required for gaming no matter where you are. You can expect exceptional graphical quality.
  • HP Omen Gaming Laptop (17-inch)

    This is a perfectly balanced notebook that has the ideal mix of price, performance, and size. This is true even if it is not the most robust gaming or thinnest laptop. You can expect consistently robust hardware features such as 144 Hz G-Sync display and smart management of heat and noise. With an appealing price, this laptop seems to be the best overall package for gamers.
  • Apple iPad Pro

    This latest iPad comes with a mighty set of statistics that are likely to make your laptop an old device. It features an eight-core processor that is quicker than more than 90% of movable PCs. Even the performance in terms of graphics is far quicker than the first iPad and is on par with Xbox One S! With a USB-C port, 5K castings are a breeze! The iPad Pro is one of the latest technology gadgets that can change how work is done.
  • SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD

    This one comes with the brand’s 3D flash technology due to which it ensures high-speed performance. Even the transfers are speedier than before due to the USB 3.1 Gen chip. The extremely portable storage device is effectively designed for the users on the go. It has the IP55 rating that indicates its strong resistance to splash and dust.
  • Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse

    Consider this mouse if you need something light and smooth for a beyond-satisfactory wireless gaming experience. While its look and feel are contradicting to the G900 model, no one can deny its performance. You can expect a flawless performance despite having a lean design. Such features are likely to appeal to those who require superb performance for several titles.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note9 Smartphone

    This one is a bigger, more robust, and a more vibrant model than all previous Notes. It comes with a generous 6.4-inch display, 8GB of RAM, 512GB to 1 TB of internal storage, and 4,000mAh battery for working a full day. Even the camera is better, Bluetooth-connected S Pen is fun, and stereo speakers have made their debut in Samsung Note.
  • Marshall Kilburn II Portable Speaker

    By updating the bestselling Kilburn speaker, the brand has come up with the Kilburn II. In simple words, you can expect a good set of new features and functions for proving itself a more fit device. It is a superb update to its bestselling ancestor with clearer sound and retro design. Further, its portability is reliable for carrying on the road.
  • DJI Mavic 2 Pro Quadcopter Drone

    DJI is the drone leader for its smooth flight modes, high-tech features, and high output quality. The Mavic 2 Pro simply enhances this status! It is the choice of all those who require a serious drone. With its integrated Hasselblad camera, this portable, foldable drone is now famous for its robust and super-clear pictures.
  • SteelSeries Arctis 3 (2019 Edition) Wired Gaming Headset

    Consider this headset for PCs and portable devices if you intend to keep minimal gaming setup. It provides high-quality sound, especially on PCs, for music and games. The fit is cozy due to its friendly ear cushions that also maintain dry and cool ears. The noise-canceling microphone also contributes to clear voice regardless of the device in use.
  • RHA MA650 Wireless Earbuds

    RHA is not as popular as Sennheiser but its earphones are! This one specifically has a lot to offer. It has an appealing design and strong build along with a decent and smooth sound rendering ability. The neckband design is a unique one to try. Further, the range of ear tips that comes proves that the brand has taken extra efforts to cater to all ear structures.
  • Insta360 ONE 360-Degree Camera

    360-degree camera is one of those cool electronic gadgets. Most 360-degree cameras are not comprehensive, meaning they will be lacking some needed feature. For example, if video and photo quality is the best, stabilization will be a hit. Well, this is not the case with this Insta360 model. With the new FlowState software, near-perfect stabilization adorns skiing, running, skating, and cycling movements. It shoots, captures, and stabilizes well, which can make anyone fall in love with it.
  • Apple MacBook Air with Retina Display

    This new MacBook Air has proven itself in terms of standards that its predecessor has set but is more capable of performing what most people want to. While not a revolutionary piece, it is for those who do not want some critical graphical or processing performance. Its salient feature is the Retina display that covers more than 4 million pixels within a display of 13.3 inches.
  • LG C8 OLED 4K TV

    LG C8 OLED 4K TV is an ultra-bright, AI-enabled TV with vibrant performance and a stunning ability to talk with it. While it is not a big leap in the collection of LG’s OLEDs, it is a better option than all prior models in a few ways. This TV improves with more detailed pictures without compromising the black depth and naturalism.
  • Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-RX100 VI Digital Camera

    This high-end compact gadget is specially designed for pros and fans alike. It has all basic features and functionalities of its predecessor RX100 V, including 4K videos, phase-detect autofocus, slow-motion options, and 24fps shooting. However, unlike the other RX100 models, this compact device provides a comprehensive space, with the extra features of F2.8-4.5 lens. Consider it for capturing in detail than what you can have on a phone.
  • Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Streaming Player

    This 4K HDR device as the latest streaming player of Amazon supports all the essential HDR formats at an appealing cost. Further, the integrated Dolby Vision along with Alexa control make this device truly smart. It has everything that you want in an affordable streaming player: 4K, HDR, HDR10+, Dolby Vision, and Alexa. What else you need?
  • Airmega 400S Smart Air Purifier

    If you are thinking of a high-tech purifier after being disturbed by thick smoke outside your windows, this Airmega device can be your choice. It comes with a blend of modern features to remove air impurities. This Wi-Fi-connected purifier can effectively deal with areas up to 1,560 square feet. Further, a committed sensor along with two filters can remove even 0.3-micron pollutants after adhering to the HEPA standard.
  • Olloclip Mobile Photography Box Set for iPhone X

    This is the only kit that comes with more than one lenses, including the fisheye, macro, and super-wide lenses. The latter provides a 120-degree view while the middle one offers a 180-degree view. Keeping the size in mind, even the super-wide lens is astonishingly respectable.
  • Dyson Cyclone V10 Cordless Vacuum

    The cordless device is perhaps the company’s most admired vacuum cleaner featuring smart engineering and design spirit coordinating in an ideal harmony for ensuring beyond-satisfactory performance. It has no flaws in terms of portability, build, and performance. The wireless form factor when coupled with cyclone technology ensures superb suction, which is not present in previous cleaners of this brad.
  • Anki Vector Robot Sidekick

    This is a lightweight voice assistant featuring the structure of a cute robot with more robust internal components than Cosmo. This means boosted onboard processing and reduced reliance on the Internet and smartphone for performing tasks. It can talk with you, chirp, laugh, play, dance, reveal the current weather, and convert currency. The design is also appealing with a glossier, matte black finish.
  • Amazon Echo Plus (2nd Gen) Smart Speaker

    This gadget is versatile in the sense that it is a powerful speaker as well as a smart-home hub, which provides noticeably better sound than its precursor. The new speaker is quite friendlier than its ancestor, considering that it comes with Alexa, built-in Zigbee, and improved sound quality. Go for it if you want a superb wireless speaker at a price far less than Sonos.
  • Anker PowerCore Lite Battery Pack

    Anker’s Lite 10000 mAH has the capacity to do all that is expected from it optimally and at a base level. It has both Type-C and Micro USB input ports and each of them is capable of recharging the unit. This slim unit is packed with big power and high-speed charging capacity.
  • GoPro HERO7 Black Action Camera

    Get this action camera if you love to share less shaky and more professional-appearing videos and live streams. Thanks to the HyperSmooth and electronic stabilization features! The stability upgrade saves hours of probable memories, while you can expect more stills and live streaming although only for Facebook. While there are not many improvements, some tweaks make it appealing to old and new users.
  • First Alert Onelink Safe & Sound Smoke + Carbon Monoxide Alarm

    This one may seem just a carbon monoxide and smoke detector but it is much more than that! With a robust speaker giving clear sound and built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, you can expect more from it. This smart alarm uses wireless connectivity of your home to send notifications to your smartphone directly. Further, it is fully compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Cool Tech Gadgets

Smartphone: A smartphone is a necessity these days. New smartphones are hottest new tech gadgets every year. Besides all the advantages of a regular cellphone, a smartphone offers you plenty of apps that can be used for almost anything. You can watch movies, play games, increase productivity and so much more. With the help of the internet connection, you can chat for free with people from all over the globe.

Tablet: With a tablet, you can almost completely replace a need for a PC. Browsing the internet is still the main advantage, but you can also chat, watch videos, play games and even have internet conversations. A powerful tablet will decrease the need for a computer by 70%.

Wireless headphone and earbud: Playing games or listening to music while walking is much easier without any cables or wires that can disturb the experience. New models offer a battery life of 10 hours or even more and charging takes less than 30 minutes.

Robot vacuum: A robot vacuum cleaner will clean the floors while you are at work. Once completed, it will go back to the charging station and prepare itself for the next task. You won’t have to use a regular vacuum cleaner if you have a gadget of this kind. And yes, they are excellent when it comes to avoiding obstacles and reaching even the impossible areas.

Gaming laptop: A gaming laptop is primarily designed and made for playing games. However, due to its powerful processor and RAM memory, it can be used for all other purposes. Gaming laptops also have improved cooling so they can withstand hours and hours of heavy-duty usage. With one, you can play games literally anywhere.

Gaming mouse: If you like a futuristic computer mouse with many buttons and ergonomic design, a gaming mouse is an obvious choice. It feels solid and nice to touch, but it also makes gaming better. If you use it for ordinary operations, you will enjoy enhanced precision and ability to complete a task quickly. Gaming mouse will also eliminate hand fatigue which is common for an ordinary computer mouse.

Portable speaker: With a portable speaker, users can listen to music on a beach, while camping or when there is no power source. These speakers use Bluetooth connection so they can be linked to any smartphone or a tablet. These days you can link them with smartwatches as well.

Smartwatch: Smartwatches are designed to keep track of your movement, calories, distance and to decrease the need to look at a smartphone. You can have calls using a smartwatch which is connected to your smartphone. This makes them handy while driving.

4K TV: It is an excellent combination between the affordability and the great viewer experience. 4K resolution is now more affordable than ever before but it is still appreciated for superb video quality. For those who love movies and sports channels, 4K TV is the best possible choice.

Smart speaker: Smart speakers elevate the functionality of ordinary speakers by 300%. Yes, they can be used as ordinary devices for audio playback, but you can use your voice to give specific controls and even control other devices.

Drone: This is one of the best new tech gadgets today due to its amazing benefits. Drone is not only a toy but also useful for various purposes. The modern drones are now controlled with the help software applications. They can send back real-time imagery in high resolution along with flight parameters and status to analyze the data for various useful purposes.

Game controller: This is an input device that is utilized to control video games. They are linked to either a video game console or a computer and is installed to govern the movements or the actions of an entity in the game

Digital camera: Long ago people used to consider Polaroid cameras as the most excellent technology ever made. Well, that still holds its position in many of the best gadgets of all time. Maybe it’s a little bit too big for your time. You can’t afford to miss any single unforgettable shot just because your pockets are too small. The contemporary digital cameras can fit even in the most skin fitted jeans you can find. This gadget certainly keeps you smiling.

Mini PC: Nowadays mobility is an important factor when it comes to buying gadgets. This leads to the mass availability several new categories of devices that offer varying degrees of flexibility in terms of mobility. Mini PCs stands out due to the fact that it finds the perfect balance between raw processing power and flexibility.

6 Commandments Of Buying Tech Gadgets

We all need gadgets in our daily lives, so having the knowledge of which features are worth investing in and which aren’t is important to make the most out of your purchase and protect your budget at the same time.

1. Invest more in the most useful gadgets

Whether upgrading an old computer or purchasing the latest smartphone, it makes sense to spend more on those items that you will use the most – perhaps even for years to come. Also, don’t feel guilty for overspending if the gadget is one that you need for your job.

2. Don’t settle for add-ons

Often, a gadget comes with all those optional extras that seem like a good idea, but in fact they either are useless or can be bought elsewhere for a much cheaper price. Some examples of add-ons to think twice about before agreeing to purchase: optional insurances, warranties, headphones (when not included in the price), and HDMI cables (brand-names, not the more affordable generic cords). These add-ons not only raise the final price of your gadget considerably, but can also cost you a lot of time if you try to figure out which deal might suit you best. So make sure to do your research and get only those add-ons that are actually useful (such as optional insurance for a very expensive smartphone).

3. Assess the gadget’s overall experience, not the specs

A gadget’s specifications don’t really matter as much as you may think. What is truly important is the overall experience that you can get by using that particular gadget. So before taking out your wallet, ask yourself how useful the device is to you and how it would fit into your lifestyle.

4. Experience gadgets hands-on before buying them

“Ergonomic” might mean two different things to two different people. Therefore, try and see the devices in person rather than ordering them online. If you do choose the latter option, make sure to read real reviews first, especially if you have particular requirements; for example, if you are a petit person looking for a new camera that is lightweight enough to wear comfortably around your neck, search for reviews written by people with similar needs.

5. Wait for new release dates to purchase your gadget

This is a great strategy if you are looking to save money. Usually, whenever a new smartphone comes out, the company will sell the older versions with massive discounts. So, if you would like to get a quality cell phone, not necessarily the latest version, it’s worth waiting for the new gadget release date.

6. Get your coupon codes

An easy way to save money is to search Google for the name of your desired gadget followed by “coupon code”. Some coupons can be used in store, while most are to be redeemed online.