6 jQuery Plugins to Create Flip Effects

It is now easy to create Flip effects on websites by using jQuery flip effect plugins and CSS. The flip effects on sites are now becoming very popular and trendy. Users can flip an image on a webpage and view information related to the image. The animated flip effects make web pages fun, interesting and informative. To create a flip effect of an image, the developers need to create two containers. The visible front has the image, and the hidden part has the more information. The flip effects can be used on images or any DOM elements.

The list of the best 6 jQuery Plugins to create Flip effects are provided below.

  1. flipLightBox: flipLightBox is a free jQuery plugin to create flip effects and is also the most popular jQuery plugins for flip effects. It is a responsive plugin which is also very easy to implement. It does not require the use of additional library, script, or style-sheets. The main characteristic this plugin offers is the flip effects on the opening and closing of an image which is optional.
  2. FlipClock.js: FlipClock.js is another jQuery powered plugin. It used CSS3 that animates a clock-like flip effect. This FlipClock.js can be used as a mechanical timer, clock, scoreboard or countdown. It offers an extensible API to create any kind of customized clock or counterface. FlipClock.js also supports themes using CSS3.
  3. flipGallery: flipGallery is also another free jQuery plugin. It is a flip image gallery with smooth flipping effects between thumbnails and lightbox images. The flipGallery also includes many interesting features such as transparent image overlay, dynamic image streaming, auto cropping, etc. it is also effortless to install and set-up. Users can edit settings such as speed, layout, coordination, etc. after setting up the flipGallery.
  4. Flip: Flip is a mobile jQuery plugin to provide flipboard app-like effects. It uses CSS 3D transform and transition the front and back properties. Flip jQuery plugin works on webKit browsers such as Chrome, and iOS mobile safari and Firefox.
  5. flipCountDown: flipCountdown is another simple jQuery-powered plugin. It is used to develop a mechanical flip effect timer for the countdown. The flip countdown effect is used to display the remaining time or day left. It is similar to the FlipClock.js however it is used for countdowns only. The flipCountDown Jquery plugin can be set to display weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds.
  6. Wodry: it can create a flipping/rotating text . The plugin allows you to set animation from animations collection, set your own callback on content flipping, etc.

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