Top 6 jQuery Plugins to Create One Page Website

One-page websites, also known as single-page applications, have become increasingly popular amongst website developers. These websites often feature all of the content for a website on a single page, rather than breaking the content up over multiple pages. This makes it easier for visitors to view all the information they need, as they can scroll down the page rather than click or navigate through the website. And one-page websites allow website owners to control the order in which visitors view the content, guiding them through a predetermined path of information.

The top 6 jQuery Plugins to create a one-page website are listed below:

  1. fullPage.js: fullPage.js is a popular jQuery plugin used to create single-page websites. It is very easy to use and allows users to scroll both horizontally and vertically. Furthermore, developers can take advantage of more creative options such as adding various design elements and landscapes to the page.
  2. AppLikeOnePage: AppLikeOnePage makes it easy to create a full window one-page website. It creates a fully accessible one-page site that is easy to scroll. It uses the support of keyboard navigation and provides seamless scrolling and side navigation. It uses JavaScript functions to create a chic and app-like webpage easily and also improves web accessibility. This jQuery plugin is ideal for mobile app-style one-page applications.
  3. SectionScroll: SectionScroll is a lightweight Jquery plugin that automatically creates side bullet navigation on a one-page application webpage. Visitors can click on the navigation to enable smooth scrolling through the various sections of the page, and it automatically selects the correct navigation item.
  4. SmartScroll: SmartScroll is another lightweight as well as responsive plugin. Once a developer enables the SmartScroll, it provides smooth and smart scroll navigation to a one-page website. The plugin allows the navigation to scroll to the previous and next sections and to scroll to the top page by default. It provides easy full-screen scrolling and also supports auto hashing and scroll snapping.
  5. magneticScroll: magneticScroll is easily customizable and is also cross-browser compatible. Creating a one-page application webpage that works on any HTML element is also ideal. It provides scroll and snaps functions for vertical page scrolling. It also supports scrolling with the help of the mouse and even the navigation arrow.
  6. Rustic: Rustic.js is a useful jQuery plugin which allows users to create attractive page-by-page scrolling effects on their webpages. By using Rustic.js, users can customize the dimensions of the page elements, such as height and width, and they can also enable or disable the default pagination styles by using the Pagination CSS option.

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