Top 6 JavaScript and jQuery Rich Text Editors

jQuery is a written JavaScript code that comprises of a concise and fast JavaScript library which is used to simplify the traversing of HTML documents, handling of events, animations as well as Ajax interactions for quick web development.

So what is a jQuery rich text editor? JQuery rich text editors are editors who allow anyone to apply different styles and formats of text to interwebs without the knowledge of CSS. They are most commonly used when writing up a post or a page on a Content Management System Platform such as WordPress or Blogger.

We have prepared a list of the top 6 JavaScript and jQuery rich text editors which you can use while creating your website and other web content.


CKEditor is a robust, versatile, innovative rich text editor for virtually all industries or teams with content creation needs. With a focus on code quality, a unique 100% code coverage, superb documentation, and first-class support, CKEditor sets the standards for the whole rich text editing industry and outshines its competitors in many ways.

The editor provides many advanced, stable, battle-tested features (like Revision History, Comments, Track Changes, Export to Word/PDF), with new functionalities and improvements added regularly. Such features are vital for complex use cases and they are something that basic WYSIWYG editors simply don’t offer.

This modern, full-featured JavaScript rich text editor is available under the GPL2+ license with premium features that can be purchased additionally. CKEditor has been a prominent WYSIWYG editor with 19 years of existence while its current flagship product – CKEditor 5 – has been written from scratch to accommodate modern content creation needs and was launched in 2017.


Froala is a lightweight HTML rich text editor which is written in JavaScript which allows for rich text editing capabilities for various applications. It features complete documentation and framework network plugins coupled with a ton of examples provides integration to be done very easily. Froala is also updated regularly adding in new features and editing capabilities to it.

Froala is the perfect, combination between high-tech innovation and simple design to offer an intuitive user interface that doesn’t require any learning curve. It cuts down development time by making it easy for developers to integrate a clean editor on their website for their users. The introduction of this package allows you to create your own customized but still powerful Rich Text Editor with only a few lines of Javascript Code!

WYSIWYG HTML editing has never been this beautiful and complete, especially when integrating Froala offers you full customization, blazing speeds, smart auto-formatting tools and

Red Actor

This is a simple, lightweight, and standalone JavaScript editor which can be easily customized to be integrated with any website. It can be integrated through Cascading Style Sheets also known as CSS and the multitude of available methods. It handles all the basic formatting requirements without any issues and keeps rendered mark-ups as clean as possible.

The human-friendly editor provides a smooth and clean design, extensibility, limitless flexibility, and an amazing user experience. Modular architecture lets you create the wonders of your dreams. With its intuitive documentation and clear coding standards, even those without programming knowledge are sure to succeed using our modular tools.


Summernote is a simple and beautiful text editor which supports Bootstrap. It is equipped with a Smart User Interface allowing for simple and intuitive interaction and is mobile friendly as well. Summernote works in all major web browsers and operating systems and as such is very easy to install and add customizations.


Cazary is another jQuery rich text editor that is lightweight and fast in nature and is stylish and highly customizable at the same time. It offers different types of modes for users. Full mode allows for loads of formatting and customization options. Minimal mode, on the other hand, provides only a handful of simple and common ways in which to edit and format text.


TinyMCE is a jQuery rich text editor which is online-based and open-sourced in nature. TinyMCE is rich in features and includes file management, image editing, media embedding, and spell-checking. Tiny MCE works in different types of web browsers and operating systems and supports multiple languages. TinyMCE as such is a very powerful editor and is a great text editor for any site.

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