4 Best JavaScript and jQuery DatePicker Plugins

The modern web has made it easier than ever for users to input data into forms, but a datepicker plugin can make the process even smoother. A datepicker plugin allows users to select a date from a calendar-style popup, making it easy to enter dates into forms. With a wide range of JavaScript and jQuery datepicker plugins available, it can be difficult to choose the right one for your project. This article will discuss the four best JavaScript and jQuery datepicker plugins


The plugin is a simple, powerful, customizable, and lightweight standalone datepicker. There are no dependencies. It supports single/range/multiple selections, and the ability to put custom content into dates.

pickmeup('.datepicker', {
	format	: 'm/d/Y'

jQuery datepicker

This is a simple date picker plugin.

<input class="datepicker">
$('.datepicker').datepicker(date: new Date(2020, 11, 18), startDate: '0d');


Pikaday is a lightweight date picker with less than 5kb minified and gzipped. It doesn’t depend on other scripts but still works well with Moment.js.

var picker = new Pikaday({
        field: document.getElementById('datepicker'),
        format: 'D MMM YYYY',
        onSelect: function() {

Air datepicker

Air datepicker lightweight cross-browser jQuery plugin.

The plugin will automatically initialize elements with class.datepicker, options may be sent via data attributes.

// Initialization
// Access instance of plugin

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