6 Platforms Where You Can Host Your Websites for Free

It’s no secret that building a website can be expensive. Even when you use free hosting services like WordPress, it takes time and energy to install the software and get your site up and running with all of the features that you want. If you’re strapped for cash or just looking for something different, there are many platforms where you can host your websites for free!

If you own a website, the hosting service that you use can have a big impact on your operating budget.

Traditional shared hosting providers charge by the server or virtual machine, and the price goes up as your site becomes more popular. This often means that the cost of hosting websites increases faster than revenue generated from advertisements or product sales.

Cloud platforms are relatively new in this space, but they offer a nice alternative to traditional shared hosting by charging only for bandwidth usage.

Many coud hosting services offer free tier for developers and small business owners. If you’re strapped for cash or just looking for something different, there are many platforms where you can host your websites for free to try out their services.

Top 6 Platforms to Host Your Websites for Free

Cloudflare Pages

Cloudflare Pages is a platform specifically designed for building and deploying websites, with a focus on JAMstack architecture and developer experience.

Here’s a summary of its features and suitability for hosting a static site for free:

  • A JAMstack platform: This means it leverages pre-rendered HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to deliver fast and secure websites.
  • Developer-friendly: It integrates seamlessly with Git for version control and collaboration, making the deployment process smooth
  • Performance-oriented: Cloudflare’s global network ensures fast loading times for your website visitors worldwide.
  • Dynamic capabilities: While primarily focused on static content, it allows adding dynamic functionalities through integration with Cloudflare Workers (serverless code).

Cloudflare Pages offers a free tier that allows you to host static websites with unlimited bandwidth and custom domains.

GitHub Pages

Anyone can publish a website to GitHub Pages for free. This platform is popular with developers because it also provides hosting and a free service for Git repositories.

You can use any static site generator to publish a project, and GitHub provides hosting on their servers. Pages are open source under the MIT License so you can customize them to suit your needs and share with others when done.

GitHub Pages can be used to host one of 3 types of websites. You can either have a website about your GitHub account, or you could have a personal site with your GitHub account linked to it, or you could just make your own website and put the ideas for the site on GitHub.

There is only one user or website that you can create for your account. You can create unlimited websites for public repositories.


Netlify is a site for developers and non-developers that want to quickly create an online presence using modern applications. It’s made to allow you to ship your application faster with less work. With Netlify, there’s no need for setting up dedicated web servers or database just to handle the basics of deployment. You don’t have upfront costs, only payment on usage when you’re finished deploying at scale. 

Netlify offers many tools depending on the project type – traditional single page apps, APIs & Microservices Platforms like Ruby Sinatra or node, website generators powered by Gatsby and more which will enable anyone who desires it access to the power and awesomeness of cutting edge Web technology.


Heroku charges developers on a pay-as-you go basis. You can host your website for free, but there are limitations to the type of site you want to build and other features that might require payment.

This platform is made specifically for quickly creating custom web applications as they allow users to access the app from any device with an internet connection and without installing software locally. 


Vercel is a free hosting service that does not charge for any of their services. The platform offers many features, including uptime guarantees and round the clock customer support.

Vercel is a web application builder that can be used to set up complex and scalable systems with just the click of one button. It’s also got features like performance and scalability, which GitHub Pages lacks.

Vercel has a lot of support for many web frameworks. Next.js, React, Angular and Vue.js are just some of the ones that it supports.

Vercel focuses on teams and collaboration. This is especially true when it comes to making updates. You can show your team what you are working on before it is finished, so they can give you feedback.

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform provides hosting for just about any type of site. You can use it to host your website or blog, and you won’t need to worry about data storage limits since Google has a virtually unlimited amount.

It might be worth looking into because the pricing is different from other providers – they charge by how much traffic your site gets instead of by how much storage you need. You’ll only pay for the services that your site uses, so it’s a good option if you are not sure what will happen to your website in the future and want to be prepared for anything.

The free-tier offers 1GB of free storage and data traffic. This is enough space for someone who’s starting a new web app.

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