Best Resources to Learn Java

Java is a reliable, fast, and secure programming language. This free to download programming language is available in the latest version with high security, stability, and better performance. By downloading Java software, you will get the Java Runtime Environment.

Tutorials and Courses

Now, you can have a look at the best free and paid websites to learn Java online.

  • Learn Java – We have listed another premium course that introduces you to object-oriented programming. You will also know about the control flow and conditionals in Java programs. Other lessons included in the tutorial are about string methods, polymorphism, and debugging. There is no prerequisite for choosing this course.
  • Java Tutorial – It is a free tutorial on core Java programming. In this tutorial, you will know about the different types of Java applications. The course also includes instructions on details of JVM, features of Java, program internal, Unicode system, JRE, and JDK.
  • Java Programming Masterclass – You can choose this paid training course to become one of the certified developers. The course focuses on Java versions, 8 and Java 11. Moreover, you will learn the details of Java EE, Spring Framework, and Android development. You have to pass the test for Oracle Java certification.
  • CodeGym online Java programming course – This course includes more than 1,000 hands-on tasks with different levels of intricacies. With storytelling, visualization, and motivation, CodeGym presents you with a unique teaching technique. It is a self-paced course, comprising 40 levels. You can engage yourself in the world of Java with this premium course.
  • Java Programming Basics – Udacity offers this free course to Java enthusiasts. By going through this training course, you can create loops, functions, and conditional statements. You will know the way of using a Java IDE chosen by professional programmers.

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