Best Resources to Learn Bootstrap 5

Bootstrap is a free and open-source CSS framework utilized for mobile-first front-end and responsive web development. In case you didn’t know yet, Bootstrap 4 is the current stable version and 5 is in alpha and has navigation, buttons, forms, typography, and other design components. It was developed by Jacob Thornton and Mark Otto at Twitter.

Tutorials and Courses

  • Get Started with Bootstrap 5 – This is the official document for all changes, new features in the fifth version. You can read documentation of each of Bootstrap 5 components here.
  • Bootstrap 5 Crash Course for Beginners – This video introduce the differences version 4 and 5 for both beginner and advanced Bootstrap users. Then it wil go into details about new Bootstrap Grid system, and other basic components such as card, button, tables, alert, toast, carousel, etc…
  • Bootstrap 4 From Scratch With 5 Projects – This course will teach you about Bootstrap 3 or 4 to know all of the grids, widgets, components, and utilities, as well as create real-world websites and themes. You can easily skip the learning sections and go straight for Section 6 to make the simpler boiler theme and begin the project.
  • Bootstrap Tutorial – This tutorial aims to cover all the features of the Bootstrap framework from the basics like form styling methods, typography styling mechanism, grid system, and methods of styling typical user interface elements such as images, lists, and tables among others. Each chapter in the tutorial is composed of real-life samples you can try and test through an online editor.
  • Bootstrap 4: Everything You Need to Know – This course is the complete guide to understand Bootstrap 4. As the title says, it’s a must-try tutorial that will help you learn everything about Bootstrap 4.
  • Learn Bootstrap Development By Building 10 Projects – This tutorial from Udemy brings together all the best practices of creating bootstrap sites into a unique project based course. It will educate you all the nuances of web development and building real-world bootstrap projects at the same time.
  • Introduction to Bootstrap – A Tutorial – This course is intended to be a primer on Bootstrap. Composed of three modules, it will allow you to have a complete understanding of how to make pages common to every web application and execute the most frequently used classes and components presented by Bootstrap.

Starter Kits and Themes

  • – Bootsnipp is an element gallery for web designers and web developers, anybody using Bootstrap will find this website essential in their craft.
  • Canvas – Canvas is a powerful, responsive & raw Multi-Purpose Multi-Page & One-Page HTML5 Template.
  • Material Design for Bootstrap – 500+ material UI elements, 600+ material icons, 77+ CSS animations, 9+ useful plugins, SASS files, templates, tutorials and many more.
  • Ave – Ave consists of 100+ ready-to-use pages & 300+ HTML template sections with the Package. It is perfect for Corporate Websites, Creative Agencies, Business, Apps, Portfolio Websites, Landing Pages, Digital Agencies, Restaurants, Startups, Travel Agencies, Construction Companies, Magazine, Parallax based sites, Real Estate Companies, Wedding Events, Blogs and Retails.
  • Stack – Stack puts reusable HTML and modular CSS first, blending contemporary styling with beautiful markup throughout each HTML template in the pack.
  • Anchor Bootstrap KIT – Anchor is a free Bootstrap UI Kit with flexible, ready-to-use UI components which will hep you build websites faster.
  • Flat UI – This is a Bootstrap-based HTML/CSS/JS layout with lots of basic and pre-defined UI elements.
  • Bootswatch – Bootswatch is a collection of free themes.
  • TODC Bootstrap – This is a Google-styled theme for Bootstrap. Because the developer is a fan of the new Google UI seen in Gmail, Docs, Calendar, etc, he decided to reproduce the look of these new UI elements for his own personal use.

Admin Dashboard Themes

  • SB Admin – A Bootstrap 4 admin template with minimal custom styling and an advanced development environment – a perfect starter template for building web apps, dashboards, and admin panels.
  • Cork – Cork is a powerful admin dashboard template based on Bootstrap and Sass for all kind of back-end projects. It comes with bunch of working JavaScript apps to build your next back-end application with ease.
  • Ubold – Ubold is a fully featured premium admin template built on top of awesome Bootstrap 4.5.0, modern web technology HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery.
  • ngx-admin – Admin dashboard template based on Nebular framework (Angular 4+, Bootstrap 4) previously known as ng2-admin.
  • Blur Admin – Customizable admin panel framework made by Akveo team.

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