How to Automatically Repeat YouTube Videos

YouTube is the leading social media platform for videos. Here, you can find many amazing videos that you want to play over and over again. But, this process is tiring. That was before because there is a way on how to automatically repeat videos on YouTube.

On your laptop or desktop computer, YouTube lets you repeat YouTube videos you are watching automatically. What is more, there is a third party service which can help you with repeating these YouTube videos. Here are steps that will teach you on the right way of putting any video on YouTube on repeat mode.

Loop a video Youtube with Built-In Feature

At this point, YouTube allows the user to loop video through right-clicking the play button or on the video itself, then choosing the Loop options from the drop-down menu which appears.

Using www.listenonrepeat .com

  • First, browse the video you want to repeat. And then copy its URL.
  • Remove the whole thing in front of YouTube. The “https://www.” is the part you would need to remove.
  • After youtube, key in repeat to make the URL seem like the one shown under, then click Enter.
  • After clicking Enter, the browser you are using will redirect that page to a new one which has a URL similar to this:
  • This page will repeat the YouTube video until it’s closed.

Tip to Remember: This page has a counter to inform you how many times the YouTube video you are watching has been repeated.

See, automatically repeating YouTube is a simple task. All you need is to follow the steps mentioned above accurately. You can repeat your preferred video on YouTube over and over again.  

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