Top 3 Websites for Same Face Finder

Face search and face recognition is becoming popular today due to the emerging requirement of face search for diverse purposes. The facial recognition search software not just helps in knowing the face in a single photo. However, it helps in knowing people in group images, finding faces the same to a specific face, matching two different faces and many others. Below are the top 3 best face recognition websites available today.

Google Images Search

Reverse Image Search of Google has been introduced latest, but are you aware that this can be utilized as a face recognition system where you can find many faces which are the same to a specific face? Google, without any doubt, has the biggest database and the case is the same to the pictures. This is the initial place where you have the chance of looking for the same faces. But, the system embedded isn’t exactly faced recognition, however, the algorithms involved in the same that you’ll end up with pleasing outcomes then you should. Simply upload the pic of the one you want to find.


This website is also one of the best when it comes to finding the same faces. Unluckily, the feature is restricted to look like celebrities. All you need to do is to put the URL or upload the picture in JPEG or JPG format, with a dimension no bigger than 200 kb, and this site will return matching celebrity pictures found online.

Pim Eyes

Identical to the reverse face search of Google, PimEyes make use of the picture as well as face recognition to look for the same faces on more than ten million websites over the net. The demonstration using faces of a celebrity such as Angelina Jolie and Zac Efron seem promising.

These are just some of the best face recognition software available today. These are useful in finding the same faces fast and quickly.

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