Change Docking Modes and Resize Chrome DevTools

After pressing F12, the Chrome DevTools popup will appear at the bottom of the screen. Sometimes we don’t want to dock the tool at the bottom of the screen, as they are in the way. The positions of the popup can be changed. The positions of the popup can be changed. Chrome DevTools provides 4 types of docking modes – left, right, bottom, and separated window.

Change docking modes

In Chrome Dev Tools, the top right’s three-dots icon allows you to quickly change the docking modes of the tool. There are 4 small icons which represents respective docking modes – separated window, left, bottom, and right.

Resize window

You can adjust the tip of the tool’s window to increase or reduce its size. Just move the mouse to the tip until you see a double arrow then pull it to adjust the size! Before deciding to switch docking mode, you can try resizing the windows to make it fit your needs first. 

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