Quickly Convert Block Types in Gutenberg with Keyboard Shortcuts

We already knew that Gutenberg comes packed with some shortcuts that help writers stay concentrated while writing. Gutenberg editor includes lots of shortcuts and hotkeys that can be easily used to increase workflow.

If you want to apply basic formats such as Italic, Bold or quick navigation, press Shift + Alt + H to view the list of usable hotkeys.

Some of Gutenberg hotkeys

But, how about quick conversion of blocks. I’m not a fan of clicking on conversion icon on the left side of the block to choose a new block type to convert the current one to.

Thankfully, Gutenberg provides some text shortcuts. A new block created by Gutenberg is a Paragraph by default. You can quickly convert it to following types:

  • * – starts an unordered list
  • 1. – starts an ordered list
  • ## – applies H2 formatting
  • ### – applies H3 formatting
  • ####– applies H4 formatting
  • #####– applies H5 formatting
  • ######– applies H6 formatting
  • > – creates a blockquote
  • — – creates a horizontal line

To convert you type in the mentioned text then press Space.

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