How to Bulk Delete All Youtube’s Watch Later Videos

When seeing a good Youtube video, it is common for people to add it to Watch Later list to “watch later”. The problem is that the list keeps adding up and becomes bigger and bigger.

Updated: 2020/06/01

When the Watch Later list becomes too big, it will loose its purpose of keeping track of wanted videos. Users start deleting watched videos or uninteresting ones. But they must click “Remove from Watch later” for a hundreds of videos. In most cases nobody wants to do that.

Bulk-deleting is the solution everyone loves. Youtube has Delete watched videos feature which delete videos you already watched. Even if you only watch 1 second of a video, it is also deleted. What about videos we haven’t watched? We still need to find a way to delete them in bulk.

So Youtube still lacks the much-needed mass delete features. Fortunately, we can execute a JavaScript block of code to mass delete Watch Later videos.

Steps to Remove All Watch Later Videos at Once

1) Open your Youtube Watch List in web browsers like Chrome or Brave.

2) Press F12 to open developer’s console or access it via web browser’s Menu.

3) Navigate to Console tab.

4) Paste this script into the console and press Enter.

var videos = $('body').getElementsByClassName("yt-uix-button yt-uix-button-size-default yt-uix-button-default yt-uix-button-empty yt-uix-button-has-icon no-icon-markup pl-video-edit-remove yt-uix-tooltip");
function deleteVideos(i) {
	setInterval(function() {
	}, 1000);
for (var i = 0; i < 1; ++i){

After pressing Enter, you will see videos disappearing one by one.

If the script above doesn’t work, try this one. I tested on my Watch later list, and it worked fine.

setInterval(function() {
	document.querySelector('#primary button[aria-label="Action menu"]').click();
	var things = document.evaluate('//span[contains(text(),"Watch later")]',document,null,XPathResult.ORDERED_NODE_SNAPSHOT_TYPE,null);
		for (var i = 0; i < things.snapshotLength; i++) {
}, 1000);

8 thoughts on “How to Bulk Delete All Youtube’s Watch Later Videos”

    1. This script hasn’t work anymore with new Youtube’s UI. I’m testing and see if I can write a new script.

      Edited: I uploaded new script.

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