Facebook Text Formatting Tool: Bold, Italic, Strikethrough in Unicode Characters

Facebook doesn’t allow formatted text in a post. This tool can turn any characters into formatted text such as bold, italic, and strikethrough and can be used on any social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook Text Formatting Tool

Type in the text box below to convert the text to bold, italic, or strikethrough format.

8 thoughts on “Facebook Text Formatting Tool: Bold, Italic, Strikethrough in Unicode Characters”

  1. This is very nice, but it would be a little bit more convenient (at least on Android and Windows) if this was a PWA since it then would show up as an app in the list of running apps (and not just a tab in web browser).

  2. Thanks, this is genuinely useful. I am a graphic designer and really fristrated by our inabilty to emphasise anything on Faceboom.

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