What Happens to Chat History After You Un-Friend Someone on Facebook?

Facebook’s messenger app can be a tricky thing to navigate, because on one hand you have your messages and chats that are only accessible through the Facebook site itself. But then there is also an independent messaging service within the phone for those who don’t use or want their information tracked by Facebook all day long.

Facebook Messenger has two functions: it acts as both a standalone chat application and as part of FB with its social media features like tagging friends in photos etc., but what happens when these features overlap? It gets complicated quickly!

If I Unfriend Someone On Facebook, What Happens To Messages?

When removing a friend from Facebook, you may want to keep a record of all the messages you sent and received to him, or you might prefer that they are deleted.

When you remove a friend from Facebook the messages are not deleted, but if someone has removed you from their friends list, then you will not be able to access your messages.

How to Delete Messenger Messages

If you want to remove a connection and all conversation threads, open Facebook Messenger.

  • Select the individual with whom you wish to “un-connect” by clicking on their name in an existing conversation.
  • Open the Settings icon from the top right menu and locate “Delete Conversation” in order to delete a conversation with this person.
  • Open the “Options menu” and choose “Block User” so you don’t have to interact with him anymore in the future.
  • When you delete someone as a friend on Facebook, they will be permanently deleted from your account and all conversations between the two of you will disappear. So open Facebook and unfriend that person.

How Can I Get Back/View Old Messages After Unfriending Someone on my Friends List?

If someone removes you as an accepted friend request and deletes you from their friends list, there is no way of getting back past messages unless they have previously sent them to your inbox (so that tends to make things difficult).

If this happens, unfriending the person is probably better than trying to fight over who should see whose messages in the future. All messages from now on will stay on your friends list and yours theirs. In short it’s probably best if you both just remove each other to save the hassle of arguing over old messages.

Why Did You Remove Me?

If you choose to remove this person as a friend, then they’ll receive a message saying that you’ve removed them (as well as a text notification sent them); and if you’re their friend and they remove you as a friend, then they’ll be told that you removed them.

If someone has unfriended or blocked you for an unknown reason it may be worth writing back to ask why, but in most cases it’s better not to ask because there isn’t any use bothering people who don’t want anything to do with us!

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