What Happens to Chat History After You Unfriend Someone on Facebook?

If you’ve ever un-friended someone on Facebook, you may be wondering what happens to the chat history between the two of you. Does it get deleted? Or does it stay on your account forever? If you unfriend someone on Facebook, your chat history with him or her still remains. In this article, we’ll explain that answer and give you some tips on how to delete your chat history if necessary. Stay tuned!

Will Messages Between The Two Get Deleted?

When you stop talking to someone on Facebook, they will still be able to contact your Messenger account. Unfriending them removes them from the “active now” list of contacts though so it’s best if done thoughtfully and carefully!

When you remove a friend from Facebook, the messages between you and that person are not automatically deleted.

How to Delete Messenger Messages

Before unfriending someone on Facebook, you may want to keep a record of all the messages you sent and received to him, or you might prefer that they are deleted.

If you want to remove a connection and all conversation threads, open Facebook Messenger.

  • Select the individual with whom you wish to “un-connect” by clicking on their name in an existing conversation.
  • Open the Settings icon from the top right menu and locate “Delete Conversation” in order to delete a conversation with this person.
  • Open the “Options menu” and choose “Block User” so you don’t have to interact with him anymore in the future.

How Can I Get Back Old Messages?

If someone removes you as an accepted friend request and deletes you from their friend list alongside the chat history, there is no way of getting back past messages unless they have previously sent them to your inbox (so that tends to make things difficult).

If this happens, unfriending the person is probably better than trying to fight over who should see whose messages in the future. All messages from now on will stay on your friend list and yours. In short, it’s probably best if you both just remove each other to save the hassle of arguing over old messages.

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