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A lot of people who use keyboards or type on tablets forget about uppercase and lowercase letters, but for those that still do want to capitalize letter case, there is our tool. Whether you’re talking about cars or potatoes, it takes just a click (or tap) to switch between upper- and lower-case versions of your text to get attention from viewers.

Online Case Converter lets you transform text into UPPER CASElower caseTitle CaseSentence case, and Capitalized Case. You can format your case with this handy conversion tool. Whether you need to type UPPER, lower, Title, Sentence, or Capitalized case the converter is always there when you need it!

Convert Text Case Online

Type or copy text to the field below and pick a case type with respective button:

What is Text Case?

The first thing you should know about text case is that it has nothing to do with the sentence case of your words. In fact, text case refers to how a computer will store all of your documents in order for them to be easily found on a search. It’s important because most computers are set up so they will automatically change the capitalization depending on what kind of document you’re working on, and if you don’t adjust this setting then everything will be stored as ALL CAPS or all lowercase.

Since the invention of text, there has been an ongoing debate about how to capitalize it. Should we use all capital letters? Or should we mix upper and lowercase letters? The answer is: it depends on what you’re writing. There are a few cases in which one style or the other might be preferred, but for most documents, you can choose whichever way feels more natural to you.

Text case refers to the way words are formatted. It can be changed using a few different commands in most word processing software. There are many types of text formatting: sentence casing, title casing, upper case (ALL CAPS), and lowercase. When writing a blog post intro paragraph for this topic you might want to include what each type does as well as how they differ from each other.

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