Why Capital Letters in Email Addresses are Irrelevant

Capitalizing words when writing on social media is a common mistake. It can give off an unprofessional vibe and make it hard to communicate with other people in certain online communities, especially if they use all caps themselves.

To ensure that everyone is on the same page, it is important to be aware of the language you use in your posts. Different forums may have different rules regarding letter case – some may require responses to be written in either lower or upper case, while others may not care as long as the text is uniform.

Some people think that capitalizing your email address is a smart idea, while others say it’s just pointless. What do you think? Let’s find out together!

Why Should I Avoid Capital Letters in Email Addresses

Email addresses are used to identify messages in the internet world – but does this mean that your email address should be written with all CAPITAL LETTERS? The answer is no. There are four main reasons why it doesn’t make sense to use all capitals for an email address:

  1. It can become difficult for other people to read.
  2. It becomes hard to type because of the limitations of keyboards.
  3. When you send emails from multiple accounts, they will look like spam.
  4. You don’t need them at all since mail software has already automated this for you.

Miscapitalisation makes an email address hard to read

If someone’s email address was written in all capitals, it would be difficult to read because the main purpose of an email is to have a conversation between two or more people. That means that when one person sends an email, another person will reply – so they need to understand to who the message belongs. This can become harder if there are no capital letters used because it can be unclear which words are names and which are just regular words in the sentence. For example, if we take a look at this sentence:


This is difficult to read because it’s not clear which words are names and which are just regular words. This can happen with capital letters too though, but at least it’s more legible:

“My email address is : [email protected].”

It becomes hard to type all capitals

Another problem with using all capitals for an email address is that it can be hard to type if you’re using a physical keyboard (rather than typing via a smartphone or tablet). This is because the only keys available on physical keyboards are lowercase letters, numbers, and some symbols.

So if someone tried to enter their email address in this way they would find that the keyboard doesn’t allow them to make their email address all capitals.

When sending from multiple accounts, you don’t need to make it look like spam

You may have a Hotmail account and a Gmail account – but does this mean that your emails will look like spam if they come from both of these addresses at the same time? The answer is no!

Because when you use a physical keyboard (or type on a smartphone/tablet), there’s no way for your email software to know which one belongs to which person – so it just makes it lowercase instead.

Similarly, someone who only has one address won’t be able to tell either because some mail programs can handle this automatically by detecting patterns in the name or by asking the sender whether they want to send it as their primary address (which is usually chosen by default if no other option exists).

It’s not like they’re difficult to find any way

So now that you know why capital letters in email addresses aren’t needed, what can you do instead? Well, there are three options.

First of all, many people choose to write the name of the person whom they are emailing so that their message isn’t lost in a sea of messages. Alternatively, you could always just ask whoever sent you the email which address belongs to them!

However, if neither of these sounds like an appealing option then your mail software will most likely offer an autocomplete function where it suggests possible account names based on the pattern of characters you’ve used. In this case, there’s no need to capitalize anything – because it will still go to the right place!

All you have to do is press the ‘tab’ when your software asks you which address you want to use or select a suggestion from its list.

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