5 Cool jQuery Lazy Load Plugins

Lazy load plugins are the latest material design jQuery plugins. This jQuery plugin has the ability to delay content loading such as images, videos, documents, background, etc. until they are needed. This plugin is beneficial to improve the load time and also helps to enhance the users’ experiences. The lazy load allows users to load images, videos or content on a website without having to go through the hassle of pre-fetching and loading of the content. Lazy load plugin depends on jQuery and is written in JavaScript. Images that are not visible on the viewport will not be preloaded until users scroll to that viewport.

The top 5 coolest jQuery Lazy Load Plugins are listed below:

  1. BttrLazyLoading: BttrLazyLoading is a lightweight jQuery powered plugin. This jQuery plugin allows a website to delay loading of images on the webpage until the users scroll to them. The BttLazyLaoding also provides users different versions of an image for different devices. On the phone, it is less then 768px, on Tablets, it is more than 768px, desktop is more than 992px and large desktop it is less than 1200px.
  2. Jquery Lazy Load Any: Lazy Load Any is a jQuery powered plugin. It is based on the lazy loader that has the facility to defer the loading of any HTML images, frame, or any other contents. You can install Lazy Load Any in any browser.
  3. Echo.js: Echo.js is a stand-alone JS lib image lazy loading. Echo.js is fast with 2KB. It uses HTML5 data-*characteristics. The Echo.js image is of explicit drivers of amplified page load time. Using Echo.js allows easy loading of contents that improve the site’s accessibility. Echo.js Lazy loading works by loading the contents that are in the viewport. The content needed will be loaded upon request from the server which is initiated by changing the content src characteristics. It is a simple lazy loading image library with less than 1KB minified.
  4. jQuery Lazy: This plugin has the ability to delay image and content loading in a long webpage. Like other Lazy Load plugins, jQuery lazy will not load contents that are not visible on the viewport. Only those contents will be loaded which are on the viewport. To load the rest of the content, a user has to scroll to them. The benefit of using Lazy Load on Long web pages is that it helps to load the content much faster.
  5. Unveil: Unveil is also a lightweight jQuery Lazy Load plugin. With less than 1K it is able to support loading of high-resolution images on devices with retina display.

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