5 Cool jQuery Lazy Load Plugins

When it comes to web page performance, there are a few techniques more important than lazy loading. Lazy loading is a process of loading content only when it is required, instead of preloading all of the content at once. This can drastically improve the overall performance of a web page, especially when the page contains large amounts of images or data. Fortunately, jQuery makes it easy to implement lazy loading with plugins. In this article, we will discuss five of the coolest jQuery lazy load plugins currently available. 

  • BttrLazyLoading: BttrLazyLoading is a jQuery-powered plugin designed to improve the performance of websites. It enables the delay of loading images until the user scrolls down to them. Additionally, the plugin provides users with different versions of an image depending on the device they are using. For example, if the user is on a phone, the image will be less than 768px, on a tablet, it will be more than 768px, on a desktop, it will be more than 992px and on a large desktop it will be less than 1200px.
  • Jquery Lazy Load Any: It is a jQuery plugin that allows users to defer the loading of HTML images, frames, and other content in any browser. This plugin is based on the lazy loader concept, which helps to improve the loading speed of webpages by only loading the content that is visible on the page. With Lazy Load Any, users can install the plugin in any browser and enjoy faster loading speeds.
  // Sets the pixels to load earlier. Setting threshold to 200 causes image to load 200 pixels
  // before it appears on viewport. It should be greater or equal zero.
  threshold: 200,

  // Sets the callback function when the load event is firing.
  // element: The content in lazyload tag will be returned as a jQuery object.
  load: function(element) {},

  // Sets events to trigger lazyload. Default is customized event `appear`, it will trigger when
  // element appear in screen. You could set other events including each one separated by a space.
  trigger: "appear"
  • Echo.js: Echo.js is a stand-alone JS lib image lazy loading. Echo.js is fast with 2KB. It uses HTML5 data-*characteristics. The Echo.js image is of explicit drivers of amplified page load time. Using Echo.js allows easy loading of contents that improves the site’s accessibility. Echo.js Lazy loading works by loading the contents that are in the viewport. The content needed will be loaded upon request from the server which is initiated by changing the content src characteristics. It is a simple lazy loading image library with less than 1KB minified.
  • jQuery Lazy: This is a plugin that helps to speed up the loading of long web pages by delaying the loading of images and content until they appear in the user’s viewport. This means that only the content that is currently visible is loaded, and the rest only becomes available when the user scrolls down. This can be especially beneficial for pages with a lot of images and content, as it reduces the amount of data that needs to be loaded at once, resulting in faster loading times.
  • Unveil: Unveil is a lightweight jQuery lazy loading plugin, weighing in at less than 1KB in size. It has the capability to load high-resolution images on devices with retina displays, such as Apple iPhones and iPads. This plugin is useful when you want to reduce the initial loading time for a webpage, as it only loads images that are visible in the viewport on the user’s device.

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