5 Best jQuery Plugins for Creating Floating Elements

Floating elements on websites are the latest trend. It is a fun and entertaining way to enhance webpage navigation and also to display information and advertisements. Floating elements such as images, notification, news, headers, and footers, sharing buttons, text labels, etc. can be created using jQuery plugins.

The top 5 jQuery plugins for creating floating elements are listed below:

  1. floatShare: floatShare is a free jQuery powered plugins. This plugin is used to let visitors on the websites share the content of the webpage on other social media networks. Visitors can share the content such as a video, image, or news with just a click thereby making the contents of the website get more coverage and will also reach many online users within seconds.
  2. hcSticky: hcSticky is another useful jQuery powered plugin which is cross-browser. hcSticky jQuery allows users to create any element on their website to float. The hcSticky is jQuery is handy for long page webpage as it can be used for the sidebars. The floating sidebars will be visible at all times when users scroll down the webpage and will not view space which is usually displayed. hcSticky can also be used to emphasize the top menu by floating it.
  3. jqFloats.js: jqFlaots.js is another jQuery plugin that enables developers to create the floating effects in any HTML objects. It helps website developers to create lively and exciting web pages with the help of the floating elements. To make animated objects in different positions, jqFloats.js uses jQuery “. animate()” with infinity loop. It also makes use of jQuery “.data ()” to stock and keeps track every object’s characteristics.
  4. Portamento: Portamento is another jQuery plugin that simplifies the addition of floating panel function on your webpage. It only needs some simpler and easier CCS and a line of the JS. Portamento works in all browsers; new or old. Portamento’s unique feature is that even if the user’s viewport is small, it will still display the critical contents. There are several ways to customize Portamento with options such as the wrapper, gap and to disable the workaround.
  5. Stickyfloat: Stickyfloat jQuery plugin has the ability to have fixed position objects that are comparative to their parents. An ordinary fixed position object would be different and would be difficult to use in the ordinary circumstances with fluid designs. With just a little code, this jQuery plugin will be able to run in the most optimized way as well allowing developers to customize it to their need.

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