5 Best jQuery Social Sharing Plugins

Most of the websites that have been developed have the sole purpose of offering their services or products to visitors. Website owners spend a lot of time updating the content and keeping the webpage active and exciting to promote their product or services. However, now website owners need not put too much effort in promoting their websites. Just by adding Social Sharing Buttons on the web pages, visitors can assist in promoting the site. Another reason to add Social Sharing button on the webpage is that search engines include the number of time social links are shared as the ranking factor. It also helps to develop natural links over time and helps bring in more traffic to the website.

The following jQuery Social Sharing plugins are some of the best plugins available.

  1. GoodShare.js: GoodShare.js is a new jQuery plugin. It is a useful JavaScript solution to enable visitors to share a link from your website to their social media networks or also as mobile phone messages. The plugin features include simple and easy to install and configure on any webpage, comprehensive documentation, SEO friendly, no script tracking users. This plugin can also be customized.
  2. JumboShare: JumboShare is a jQuery plugin that allows visitors to a website to share links from the webpage to social media networks. With a free cloud hosting, this plugin also tracks how many likes, share, tweets the content on the website on social media sites. It can be easily integrated with Blogspot or WordPress. It adds a social share button with an oversized counter.
  3. jsSocial: jsSocial is a simple jQuery Social Sharing plugin. This plugin provides integrated interactions of visitors and also allows visitors to share and engage in the promotion of the website. The plugin is flexible and is easily expandable. Developers can choose any of the themes provided and can also add any new social media network if already not included in the plugin.
  4. SocialShare.js: SocialShare.js is a small JavaScript to create a fully customized Social Share button on the websites. Developers have free-hand when designing and styling and gives more freedom without worrying about the JavaScript. There are no dependencies.
  5. Pretty Social: Pretty Social is another jQuery plugin that allows web developers to add a custom share buttons for Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus on the website. Unlike other plugins, this cool social share button does not slow down the site much. It is comfortable and simple to use. It is also ideal for mobiles and can be fully customized.


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