6 Best jQuery Social Sharing Plugins

Most of the websites that have been developed exist to offer their services or products to visitors. Website owners spend a lot of time updating the content and keeping the webpage active and exciting in order to promote their products or services. However, now website owners need not put too much effort into promoting their websites. By adding social sharing buttons to web pages, visitors can help promote the site with little effort. 

Another reason to add social sharing buttons to web pages is that search engines take the number of times social links are shared into account when placing trust on a page. In addition, social sharing buttons help to develop natural links over time and bring more traffic to the website—all without the website owner needing to lift a finger.

And that’s where jQuery and JavaScript social sharing plugins come in! If you’re looking for a way to add social sharing buttons to your website or blog, look no further. Here are five of the best jQuery social sharing plugins available:

Social share plugins


GoodShare.js is a handy JavaScript solution that makes it easy for visitors to share links from your website on their social media networks or as mobile phone messages. The plugin is easy to install and configure on any webpage, and it comes with the comprehensive documentation that makes it SEO friendly and ensures that no script tracks users’ activity on the page.

In addition, GoodShare.js offers many options for customization of appearance, so you can tailor the plugin to match your website’s look and feel. And because the code is clean and well-written, it runs quickly and efficiently, without bogging down your page.


jsSocials is a simple social network sharing jQuery plugin that is flexible and easily extensible. You can configure the visual appearance and choose one of the several themes provided. You can also add any yet unsupported social network if needed.

jsSocials allows you to easily customize the appearance. For example, you can define how your share controls should look considering screen width. jsSocials also supports several themes, so you can choose the most appropriate for your design.


ShareThis is a simple yet effective social sharing plugin that allows users to share your content via email, Facebook, Twitter, and over 40 other social media platforms. The button can be customized to match your website’s design, and it also comes with built-in analytics so you can track how often your content is being shared. 


AddThis is similar to ShareThis in that it allows users to share your content via email, Facebook, Twitter, and over 200 other social networks and platforms. It also includes customization options and analytics. However, one thing that sets AddThis apart is its “Recommended for You” feature, which uses algorithms to suggest other pieces of content that might be of interest to the user based on what they’re currently viewing. 


Shareaholic is another great option for those looking for social sharing plugins. It includes all the usual features—such as customization options, support for over 200 social networks, and analytics—but it also has some unique features like “hover buttons” (which allow users to share your content without having to leave the page they’re currently on) and “floating buttons” (which follow the user as they scroll down the page). 


If you’re looking for a cool social share button plugin that won’t slow down your site, then you’ll want to check out prettySocial. This handy little plugin allows you to add custom share buttons for Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus, all while keeping your site’s loading time fast. Best of all, it’s ideal for mobile devices and can be fully customized to match your site’s look and feel.

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