5 Best jQuery Plugins to Create Fixed Elements

Fixed elements are an important part of web design as they help keep important information on the page, even when the user scrolls. jQuery plugins provide an easy way to create these fixed elements, allowing developers to quickly and easily add elements to a page that stay in place as the user scrolls.

The top 5 jQuery Plugins to create fixed elements are listed below:

Sticky Kit

Sticky Kit is a free and lightweight jQuery Plugin designed to make it easy to attach an element to a webpage so that it remains visible to the user at all times, regardless of how much they scroll. This Plugin is optimized to minimize scrolling lag by using a light scroll handler that runs on cached values and is compatible with all types of browsers, including IE7+.

// or


The ScrollToFixed is a plugin used to keep elements on a webpage in a fixed position. This includes elements at the top, bottom, or anywhere else on the page. It also allows the fixed element to remain visible even when the page is scrolled horizontally. The plugin has an option called marginTop which will stop the element from moving vertically when the vertical scroll reaches a certain point. Despite this, the element will still move from left to right when the page is scrolled horizontally. When the page is scrolled back past the target position, the element will return to its original position.


Headroom.js is a lightweight JavaScript plugin that allows a website’s header to become “sticky”, meaning it will stay in the same position at the top of the page as the user scrolls down. When the user scrolls back up, the header will reappear. This plugin is easy to use, has no dependencies, and won’t slow down the page’s performance.


Waypoints is another lightweight jQuery plugin that comes with a shortcut function that allows you to easily and quickly change the position of the fixed element that occurs in the viewport. It is also supported by various browsers.

var waypoint = new Waypoint({
  element: document.getElementById('waypoint'),
  handler: function(direction) {
    console.log('Scrolled to waypoint!')


ScrollMagic is a powerful plugin that was designed to optimize performance, be lightweight, and offer flexibility and extendibility. It is compatible with mobile devices, supports responsive web design, and utilizes object-oriented programming and object chaining.

ScrollMagic is a JavaScript library that makes it easy to add interactive and animated elements to a web page during the scroll. It features advanced settings that let you animate the scroll and link it to the movement of the scroll bar, allowing for a more immersive experience.

ScrollMagic also supports scrolling in both directions, both inside and outside of div containers, and provides extensive debugging and logging capabilities, as well as detailed documentation and example applications.

It also provides a simple way to create parallax effects, making it an ideal choice for adding an extra level of engagement to your website.

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