Top 5 jQuery File Upload Plugins

JQuery File Upload Plugins are used to upload videos, photos, documents, and other files on your websites. Adding file upload feature on your webpage is made easy with the use jQuery file upload plugins. Features such as drag and drop, upload progress bar or preview of the files, etc. can be added using JQuery file upload Plugins.

Let’s check out some of the top jQuery File Upload Plugins you can employ.


Uppy is a lightweight, sleek jQuery File upload plugin with a chic and modern design interface. It is a modular file upload plugin that merge perfectly with any framework. Using this plugin, you can easily upload file on the website from local disk or online cloud storages. It is a quick and easy plugin to use to upload files. It also comes with resume-able file upload feature. It is also one of the advanced plugin to upload files with the custom interface and Ajax loading process style.


DropzoneJS is a jQuery file uploader plugin that come with a drag-and-drop feature. This feature makes uploading easy by just dragging a file and dropping it on the destination. It also offers various uploading options such as image preview, resize of an image, maximum file size, etc. It turns an HTML into a drop zone. You can drag and drop files on the server through Ajax. It is also a lightweight JS lib plugin.

jQuery File Upload

jQuery File Upload also offers similar features like DropzoneJS such as drag-and-drop, Ajax uploads and progress bar to let users know the time left when uploading. This plugin is simple and makes it easy to use. It also offers prefab integrations for Angular JS and jQuery UI.

Fine Uploader

Fine Uploader is a lightweight plugin which offers various uploading features to the users. Besides drag-and-drop functionality, there are several others such as reentry of a file in case the file fails to upload on your first try, a progress bar to show the time left, etc. it is a flexible plugin and written in pure JS lib however also available is jQuery plugins. It has the unique features such as pause-resume uploads, canvas upload, concurrent chunking, edit file name, folder uploads, etc.


FileReader is one of the simpler file uploader plugin. It uses simple codes to allow image upload and image preview. The jQuery file upload plugins can run on various browsers using the Filereader plugins.

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