5 Great jQuery Plugins with Google Material Design

jQuery plugins with Google Material designs are trending and are popular open source toolkit. It is currently widely accepted and used as it provides great feedback from the users and thus provide them with improved experiences. The material designs uploaded using the jQuery plugins also makes the design impressive, and more appealing, lively. The jQuery plugins with Google Material designs are also popular to use which also contributes to its popularity. The jQuery plugins also offers various material design styles to progress bar, notification, charts, input controls, timers, and stopwatch.

Some of the top 5 jQuery plugins with Google Material Designs are listed below:

  1. Material PreLoader: Material Preloader is a jQuery plugin that allows you to create material design effect preloader as can be observed on Google inbox. It is a jQuery plugins created by Google to be similar to Material Design Prelaoders. Material Preloader is a lightweight Jquery plugin. It also gives the material design an attractive and lively effect. It is also very user-friendly and comfortable use. To initiate the plugin, simply add the jQuery plugin and the CSS file.
  2. Material Design Stopwatch, alarm and timer: As the name suggest, Material Design Stopwatch, alarm and timer is an app that consist of stopwatch, alarm, and a timer. It is made of tiny JS app. The app is also responsive and also reacts to the user’s input. You can also switch and swap between these modes. The stopwatch, alarm clock and timer all provide the same functions as their conventional counterparts. The best part is that they all stuck to the local storage thus will continue working even if you reload a page by error.
  3. SnackbarJS: SnackbarJS can easily develop Material Design plugin snacks and toasts. It has been created to function similar to the Bootstrap tooltips and to function on Bootstrap tasks. SnackbarJS is another lightweight and powered by jQuery plugin, thus helps to create design plugin snacks and toast effortlessly.
  4. MProgress.js: MProgress.js is another Google Material Design Progress bar. It creates the continuous bar using the CSS3 and JS. Four types of bar can be used; Determinate, Buffer, and Query Interminate and Determinate. It can be installed through npm or Bower and can also opt for either basic installation or advanced installation for each types of bar. All the bar types work on Chrome and Firefox and the Determinate type works in all browsers.
  5. Material Spinner: it is another jQuery plugin for creating Google Material Designed which inspired the loading spinner. It uses the CSS3 and SVG.

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