8 Best JavaScript & jQuery Chart Plugins

Charts help us to understand and read complex data by presenting them in a simpler form. Instead of reading content-rich data in text, it is easier to show them in a chart. The graphical form of data is much easier to comprehend. Many JavaScript and jQuery plugins will help you to present different types of data charts such as temperature charts, family trees, organizational charts, pie charts, flowcharts, etc. to show information.

The top Chart plugins are listed below which provide ample room for customization.


This is a simple yet flexible JavaScript charting for designers & developers. Besides common chart types, it can mix and match bar and line charts to provide a clear visual distinction between datasets. It offers stunning transitions when changing data, updating colors, and adding datasets.


Morris chart is another simple chart plugin for line and area charts, bar charts, and donut charts.


Flot is a JavaScript plotting library for jQuery that emphasizes ease of use, a visually appealing appearance, and interactive features. It is distributed as transpired ES5 code, which all major browsers support. Flot can handle large volumes of data, however, if the number of points exceeds the pixel width of the chart, users should consider using downsampling/aggregation to reduce bandwidth, as this is near the resolution limit of the chart.

While Flot works well with JSON data, users must ensure they enter numbers instead of strings to avoid errors. In addition, users have the ability to export the graph as a PNG or JPEG, with the exception of the legend, by grabbing the image rendered by the canvas element.

When using the “time mode” for bars, the default value of 1 millisecond makes the bars 1 millisecond wide, so users need to set the bar width with the barWidth option.


OrgChart, as the name suggests is an organizational chart that is presented in a simple way. It presents the structure of an organization. It displays the hierarchy of the organization or a relationship in an interesting flow chart. Using the JavaScript Object Notation format, it supports locally available data as well as remote data. You can also pan and zoom the chart using this lightweight plugin. It also offers shortcut features such as drag-and-drop to edit the structure, and on mobile devices, it has a touch-enabled plugin.


jOrgChart is a jQuery chart plugin that allows you to make nested data into a simple tree structure.  You simply provide the plugin with the list of things you want to include in the tree chart. You can use the drag-and-drop feature to re-arrange the data as you like. It is very easy to use and style the tree. You can show or hide any particular branch you want. The nodes can also contain any amount of HTML except <li> and <ul>.


Flowchart.js is a jQuery JS plugin. It provides draw boxes also called operators and makes connections between them. It allows users to edit the chart by adding, removing, or moving the drawer boxes and creating or removing the connections between them. It will enable the developer to save and load the flowchart. Features such as panning and zooming to view the chart are also provided.

Simple Donut

Simple Donut is a plugin written in jQuery, HTML, and Sass. This jQuery plugin is used to present text data in the form of a pie chart on the webpage. You can easily convert any data into a pie chart using this plugin.

Stiff Chart

Stiff Chart is a jQuery plugin that you can use to generate an animated chart. It is perfect for presenting an organizational chart and various other simple charts. You can easily customize the chart by changing the size, color, layout, etc.

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