Best 4 jQuery Button Plugins

jQuery plugins allow developers to design and style buttons on the websites. To make the site stand-out and also look trendy and stylish, web developers often look for ways to make the buttons on the site look colorful, lively and exciting.

The following jQuery plugins will help developers find endless styling possibilities to design the webpage buttons and other input elements.

  1. jQuery UI Button: jQuery UI button provides button system to change the HTML objects such as buttons, anchors, and input fields to theme-based buttons, provide automated management of cursor movements, and are transparently managed by the jQuery UI. jQuery UI also offers additional widget called buttonset. jQuery UI Button plugin can also be used in two forms; the options form and the action form. The button options method says that an HTML element is to be treated as a button. The option form is an element that specifies the manner and style of the button.  The action-form can carry out an action on the button such as disabling or enabling buttons.
  2. Labelauty: Labelauty is a lightweight Jquery powered plugin. This plugin helps to develop beautiful inputs such as checkboxes and radio buttons. Labelauty jQuery plugin also allows developers to customize labels for each status of checked or unchecked data. The plugin also makes use of data labelauty characteristics to make custom checked or unchecked labels text that needs to be separated by an upright bar character.
  3. Bootstrap Checkbox: the Bootstrap checkbox is a lightweight jQuery plugin that makes the checkbox field inspired by the Bootstrap’s button designs. This plugin has been created to suit the Bootstrap framework. Even for those developers who are not using the Bootstrap framework, this bootstrap checkbox plugin is a great way to get the Bootstrap appearance on the HTML elements. Other features of this plugin are it offers custom checked or unchecked fields, developer’s CSS for easy styling and different checkbox sizes ranging from xl to sx sizes. After downloading, the Bootstrap checkbox plugin along with jQuery Bootstrap checkbox, JS & CSS files should be included on the webpage which has Bootstrap and jQuery installed.
  4. Checkbox-field: Checkbox-field is a jQuery plugin that will transform multi-select lists to nicely organized and designed checkbox fields. It allows the conversion of older designs to modern and user-friendly designs.

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