7 Best jQuery Plugins To Create Responsive Navigation Menu

We all know that responsive web design is a must nowadays. Here you have two options. The first one is to code it all by yourself, which may be complicated and time-consuming or you can use free jQuery plugins. Here are 6 of them that will make your menu responsive.


This is simply the best plugin of this kind. You will easily create responsive menus on the left and right sides of a website. Furthermore, they will adapt to smartphone users. It is extremely popular at the moment and probably the first choice for beginners and professionals.

Scotch Panels

Scotch Panels may be the first choice for some of you. It creates sliding menus of the modern generation. In addition, it also offers plenty of different options to customize them and they will look great on computers and smartphones. Among other things, you can adjust the speed of the sliding effect.


The plugin will divide all the content of a website into simple navigation menus and offer a fast and responsive solution. It is one of the most popular plugins of the kind. It is the ultimate solution to creating simple and fast navigation for any website you develop.


Flaunt.js is a bit different plugin. You can create hamburger-style menus with a drop option. Furthermore, the menus will be responsive on computers and smartphones. It is a bit different to adapt as well. Menus will be massive and fully capable of offering sub-menus as well.


This plugin is desirable for websites with a single page. It will create a navigation of the website which is presented in the form of headers. They will stay permanently on the top of a page as you scroll down and they will be used as the navigation. On the other hand, it may be low on options for more demanding websites.

Smart levels

Here developers will have the ability to create countless menus and additional sub-menus. The dropdowns are supported by many options for customizing the menus. It is highly recommended for users who need plenty of different menus to develop.

Horizontal Nav

This plugin can create navigation in which menu items always take up the full width of the container. It doesn’t support responsive by default but provides options to enable that instead.

Thanks to the jQuery plugins, responsive menus are something you can have within minutes, but only if you know which plugins are the best choice to make. And yes, now you know.

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