Top 5 jQuery Transition Plugins

What can you do to make your websites, online contents and projects from looking boring and uninspiring to the eyes? The answer lies in adding transitions. Transitions mean the process of change from one content to another, this may include web pages, images, texts etc. With the help of smooth and well-executed transitions, you will be able to transform your websites and other content from looking dull to fluid, professional and engaging. However, writing the code for this transition can be a hassle sometimes.  However, with the help of jQuery transition plugins, you will be able to achieve a smooth, slick and amazing transition effects on your projects.

We have selected Top 5 of the coolest jQuery transition plugins to make your works stand out from the rest.

  1. Transit: Transit is a free jquery transition plugin that allows you to put super smooth Cascading Style Sheets transitions and transformation for to your jQuery. It allows you to animate and transition any CSS property. Transit allows for both 2 Dimensional and 3 Dimensional transformations. Transit is supported by a wide range of web browsers on both the windows and Mac platform.
  2. Fluidbox: Fluidbox works as both an image transition plugin and an image transition plugin for jQuery. It can allow you to enlarge images and at the same time allows you to put transition effects on them. Fluidbox ensures that if you require your project to enlarge an image and add transitions to it as well, it will ensure that you can do both without adding another plugin thus preventing your project from becoming heavy.
  3. Multi-screen.js: Multi-screen.js is another unique and cool jquery transition plugin that allows you to add transition animations between multiple pages. Even if your project is single paged, it allows you to break it into multiple pages. Thus, you will be able to add varieties of transition to these pages allowing the user to flip through your content with smooth and fluid transition and animations.
  4. Wiper: Wiper is another jQuery transition plugin which can be used when creating slideshows. Wiper offers a cool and wide variety of transition and animation effects for slideshows. It allows you to collapse and rotate slides with amazing sets of transitions, animations and transformations.
  5. Dialog: Dialog plugin allows you to apply transition effects to dialog boxes or pop-up menus. With the help of the Dialog plugin, you will be able to apply a variety of sleek and fluid transitions to any dialog boxes or pop-ups. Dialog transition plugin is also very lightweight in nature and also accommodates a wide variety of web browsers and operating systems.

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