Top 5 jQuery Form Validation Plugins

A jQuery Form Validation is a plugin that provides basic validation rules and allows users to load module as per demand. It also allows users a multilingual jQuery plugin for easy user input validations and keeps your HTML clean from JavaScript codes. By grouping in validation codes in parts, jQuery form validation plugin requires less network traffic even while providing extensive functions. It also makes it possible to load only those functions that need to be validated in a particular form.

Some of the best jQuery Form Validation Plugins are listed below which are lightweight and easy to use.

  1. jQuery Validation Plugin: This plugin is lightweight and can be used to add validation rules to any of the jQuery forms. This plugin can be easily customized to suit the need. jQuery Validation plugin makes client validation easy as well. It is one of the best plugins to use when creating something from scratch and also to merge new applications with the existing ones.
  2. Parsley: Parsley is considered the ultimate JavaScript form validation library that is used to validate front-end forms without any hassle and swiftly. One of the merits of using Parsley is that it’s very UX focused and can be customized so that it will combine into any projects effortlessly. Users need not write even one JavaScript line for a simple form validation. Parsley will detect the forms’ modifications and adjust its validation consequently.
  3. Bootstrap Validator: Bootstrap Validator is another form validator plugin that has been designed particularly for the Bootstrap framework. Bootstrap Validator jQuery plugin follows the rule set forth by Bootstrap’s main jQuery plugins. When a validator plugin is configured, it validates the fields that are present by default which can be set into the code.
  4. Smoke: Smoke is another form validation plugin to be used with Bootstrap and is hosted and developed on GitHub. Its main features include support for Angular and Bootstrap’s date-picker. Smoke does not use the local browser validation thus the error message is not localized, and so the validation rules need to be precise when using JavaScript or HTML5.
  5. Validetta: Validetta is another client-side form validation. It is a tiny plugin which is lightweight and simple jQuery plugin. Validetta is designed to decrease the load with ease. It checks email, number, credit card and other input fields. It also has the ability to limit and check the number of input fields.

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