Top 5 jQuery Form Validation Plugins

Form validation is an essential part of any web application. It ensures that the data entered by the user is valid and in the correct format. jQuery is a powerful and popular JavaScript library that can be used to easily validate forms. There are many jQuery plugins available that can be used to quickly and easily validate forms. In this article, we will take a look at the top 5 jQuery form validation plugins and discuss their features and advantages.

Some of the best jQuery Form Validation Plugins are listed below which are lightweight and easy to use.

  1. jQuery Validation Plugin: The jQuery Validation Plugin is a useful, lightweight tool that can be used to add client-side validation rules to any form created using jQuery. It is highly customizable, allowing developers to easily adjust the plugin to fit the specific needs of the project. The plugin makes it easy to implement client-side validation rules, and it is an ideal choice for when starting a project from the ground up, or when integrating new applications with existing ones.
  2. Parsley: Parsley is a JavaScript form validation library that is designed to make it easy to validate front-end forms. It is user experience-focused, meaning it can be customized to fit into any project seamlessly. With Parsley, users do not need to write any JavaScript code for basic form validation. Parsley will automatically detect changes to the form and adjust the validation accordingly. This makes it an ideal choice for developers looking for a quick and easy way to validate their forms.
  3. Bootstrap Validator: Bootstrap Validator is a jQuery plugin specifically designed for use with the Bootstrap framework. It is used to validate the fields present in the code, following the same rules as the main Bootstrap jQuery plugins. When configured, it will check that the fields have been filled out correctly, ensuring that the data entered is accurate and valid.
  4. Smoke: Smoke is used with Bootstrap and is hosted and developed on GitHub. Its main features include support for Angular and Bootstrap’s date-picker. Smoke does not use local browser validation thus the error message is not localized, and so the validation rules need to be precise when using JavaScript or HTML5.
  5. Validetta: It is a tiny plugin that is lightweight and simple jQuery plugin. Validetta is designed to decrease the load with ease. It checks email, number, credit card, and other input fields. It also has the ability to limit and check the number of input fields.

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