5 Best Folding Credit Card Knives in 2023

When it comes to a knife, what is the first thing that you think of? If you’re like most people, then your answer would be “a blade.” It’s true that blades are important. However, when we talk about folding credit card knives, there really isn’t any need for a blade at all! Folding credit card knives are just as useful and versatile as other types of knives. In this blog post, we will look at five of the best folding credit card knives on the market today.

What to Look For in a Folding Credit Card Knife?

Before we get into the reviews, let’s talk about some of the features that you should consider when choosing a folding credit card knife. What is it supposed to be used for? How often will I use this tool? Is size important? All these are valid considerations and all have an influence in how well your final choice performs.

What kind of blade do you want: serrated or straight edge?: Serrated blades excel at cutting rope but not as effective with slicing bread while straights perform better on bread than ropes. Which one depends on what tasks they’ll be performing most often.

How much space does it need to fold up into?: You may find a pocketknife where you can only fit two fingers in the pocket to hold it or one that can be easily held with a fist. How much space you need depends on how often and where you will use your knife.

How many tools is it packing?: If you’re just looking for an EDC blade, then there are plenty of options out there but if you want more than one tool the list gets shorter. Pocket knives usually have blades, scissors, file/screwdrivers depending on their design while multi-tools may include pliers, wire cutters and saws among other things so consider what features are important when making your selection.

5 Best Folding Credit Card Knives

BOKER Plus 01BO010 Credit Card Knife 

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When you’re gone for the weekend, this is the one tool that will make sure you have everything you need to complete all your tasks: a blade, pocket clip, and ball chain so it can be worn around your neck.

A cardholder and blade all in one, the BOKER Plus 01BO010 Credit Card Knife is a smart addition to your wallet. Just slide it into your credit card slot for instant access! Comes with ball chain that attaches to neck of shirt or tie, putting this knife at just the right spot when needed most (no more spilling drink on pocket)!

The BOKER Plus 01BO010 Credit Card Knife is constructed of titanium liner with 440C stainless steel coating on a 2-1/4 inch straight edge. It can be worn in shirt pocket or carried in wallet with its ball chain. This tough little multitool weighs just 1.1 ounces and fits perfectly into any credit card slot without being detected by metal detectors like other knives are.

Holtzman’s Credit Card Knife

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The Holtzman’s Credit Card Knife is perfect for anyone who likes to be in the outdoors. The surgical stainless steel blade will get you through any task, whether it’s building shelter or gathering firewood or even preparing dinner. It folds away neatly and features a durable aluminum handle that allows you to carry everything while backpacking, canoeing, kayaking, mountaineering or any other adventure activity.

As the most epic pocket tool ever made to carry for any situation, the Holtzman’s Credit Card Knife is lightweight, has sharp surgical stainless steel blade which can come in handy when used properly. In the event you find yourself stranded this doesn’t have to be a bad thing anymore since with our Credit Card Knife now you have an EDC (every day carry) tool no matter where life takes you!

Credit Card Multitool Pocket Tool Kit

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Compact and light, the Credit Card Survival Tool Kit will keep you safe during your time in the wilderness. This all-in-one tool kit comes with a compass, fire starter flint, 18 functions for everyday life (bottle opener and wrench to name a few), an emergency whistle, and more. Get this multitool today as it is not only a bargain but also made out of strong materials that will last for years.

Product description: The Credit Card Multitool may seem small at first glance; however once you open it up you will see that it can hold your keys with its key clasp on one end and have an attached flashlight if needed! It has many uses as there are 18 tools inside such as scissors which come in handy all the time.

The Credit Card Survival Tool Kit is a must-have for any traveler and adventurer!

ShieldSurvival ddghf Credit Card Size Tool and Knife

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The survival credit card size tool and knife is a small, portable device that can be folded in half to turn into a keychain or something more permanent. It has 11 tools including a saw and bottle opener so you’ll never have to leave home without it.

The multifunctional use of the multi-tool is featured with light brown color leather bead grip, stainless steel material for durability. The Rescue Tool was designed by ShieldSurvival as an affordable summer Christmas gift stocking stuffer idea for military personnel or preppers on your list.

You don’t want to go camping without one! Store this multitool in your pocket or keep it in your wallet when you are out and about, so that no matter where you may find yourself, you’ll have access to useful tools. The card is made of high-quality stainless steel which won’t break any time soon – a plus if you plan on giving it as a gift to a loved one with an active lifestyle without requiring they carry their keys!

SurvivalKit Survival Credit Card Knife

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If you’re ever in a survival-type situation, then this is the item for you! The Card Knife folds down to the size of your credit card, whether that be on your keyring or in your wallet. With this handy tool, you’ll never be hopelessly lost while out and about because of a lack of any essential materials. Show it off to friends and family so they know how prepared you are!

The Card Knife is an effective, high-quality, and impressive tool that you can carry with you wherever you go. It folds down to the size of a card so that it’s never in the way! The material make up doesn’t degrade when folded 180 degrees before being rotated back into place. What better reason do we need?

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