Top 5 jQuery Plugins for EU Cookie Law

As of 2011, the EU has made a new law that every time a cookie is placed in a user’s device; the users have to give their consent. Many websites use cookies. These cookies are basically a sort of tracking system that informs the site when you last visited or which other sites are you visited. Cookies are small files that store visitor’s information such as location and interest of the user.  After the EU cookie law came into force, many websites developers and owners have complied by adding the codes that provide users with the options to either accept or decline cookies so that the website is not banned in the EU.

There are several jQuery Plugins display the consent notification to users. The Top 5 jQuery Plugins that complies with EU laws are listed below:

  1. cookiefy: cookiefy is a simple jQuery Plugin. It displays the EU cookie disclaimer bar at the bottom of the webpage to allow the website to comply with the EU Law. HTML5 supports HerbyCookie Plugin and store the ‘Accepts’ in the HTM5 local storage.
  2. Cookie Message: Cookie Message is a lightweight jQuery plugin. It creates a customized cookie disclaimer popup bars that ask for user’s consent for a website to comply with the EU Law. Users can customize the disclaimer bar. Users can choose the cookie expiry date, cookie name, style and other settings by using this jQuery plugin.
  3. CookieBanner: CookieBanner plugin is another lightweight jQuery plugin that complies with the new EU law. Its requests for user’s consent and can also block script and add a banner. CookieBanner can also be customized to display and store information. The pop-up banner disappears once the user either accepts or dismisses the request.
  4. cookieBar: it is another jQuery plugin that displays the cookie consent popup message. The popup message is displayed either on top or at the bottom of the webpage. CookieBar consent bar is also dismissible, and the entire ‘dismisses’ can be saved in the local storage. This jQuery plugin also fulfils the EU Cookie Law.
  5. Divas Cookie: As a jQuery plugin, Diva Cookie is also a disclaimer bar generator. It is considered the most efficient and chic jquery cookie plugin. Diva Cookies is also compliant to the EU Cookie Law. The Diva Cookie jquery plugin can be easily customized to give the feel and look of any website.

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