Read and Write Cookie Using JavaScript

Reading and writing cookies for a web app is quite easy with JS Cookie. It is a lightweight JavaScript plugin for reading and writing browser cookies.

This plugin used to be a jQuery one. However, the author decided to convert it to a JavaScript library for simplicity and ease of use.

JS Coookie features:

  • It supports all web browsers.
  • Unicode characters can be stored.
  • It works without any dependencies.
  • It supports unobtrusive JSON, AMD/CommonJS, and is RFC 6265 compliant.
  • It also allows custom encoding/decoding.

The library’s homepage is


Write cookies

Cookies.set('author', 'TL Dev Tech');
Cookies.set('author', 'TL Dev Tech', { expires: 7 }); //expires in 7 days
Cookies.set('author', 'TL Dev Tech', { expires: 7, path: '/my-page' }); //affect a page
Cookies.set('name', 'value', { domain: '' }); //affect domain
Cookies.set('name', 'value', { secure: true }); //cookie's transmission requires a https

Read cookies

Cookies.get('author'); //get cookie based on name
Cookies.get(); //get all cookie

Delete cookies

Cookies.remove('author', { path: '' }); //remove the cookie on certain path only

Pass an array or object

The library offers support for JSON storage.

Cookies.set('author', { name: 'TL Dev Tech', website: '' });
//get the cookie's data it normally

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