10 Best Drupal 8 Modules

While Drupal itself is an excellent CMS, the addition of various modules further enhances its functionality. Here are some of the Drupal 8 modules that you should install firstly on your site.

Admin Toolbar

Those of you who are not fans of Drupal’s generic menu and toolbar will find this module to be a great addition. Not only is this toolbar significantly more responsive than the standard one, but it also includes drop-down hierarchy menus that are far more convenient to use than Drupal’s original feature.

Field Group

No one likes a site where the content is all over the place. This model takes care of organizing your node’s fields and divides them into different tabs to ensure that your content editors are not confused about where to edit.


As an author, there is nothing more annoying than remembering and adding the exact URL of the reference sites or pages. This module makes hyperlinking a piece of cake since it tends to auto-complete both internal and external links for you.

Image Effects

Rather than going for the same old images, you can add your personal touch to the pictures with the help of this module. Bring your site to life with the help of various effects.


Something as simple as the layout of your images speaks volumes about your website. Colorbox ensures that you retain your visitors by including convenient and beautiful overlays of images.

Path Auto

The rate of customer interaction with your site depends on how easy your URL is. After all, no one can remember a complex URL, and neither do people have the patience for them. This module takes on the task of automatically generating URLs that are bound to boost your site SERP and make it easy to read.


Webmasters will find this module to be of great help. This is because this module aids in speeding up the loading time of your site, which is one of the most crucial elements since visitors are likely to leave your site if it takes too long to load. Therefore, by loading the cache and the dynamic elements of your site, BigPipe ensures that you retain your customers.


Those of you who build websites will relate to the feeling of annoyance when you have to clone your Drupal website’s settings to other sites. Well, you can bid that feeling goodbye as Features allows you to not only export but also effectively import your site’s settings on other ones.


In the social craze world we live in, if we can’t keep up with our online audience, we are bound to fail as a company. A share button ensures that you reach the masses, and this module allows your site to have this feature. You can rest assured that your content is being shared across various platforms such as Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter.


Are you tired of using the same generic themes and templates when you send out emails? Well, this module allows you to personalize both elements when sending mail. Moreover, it ensures that sending regular newsletters to your users is taken care of.

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