4 Ways to Fix “Unfortunately App Has Stopped” Error

You just typed the longest email and are about to press send. Suddenly, the app crashes and the error that you dread pops on your screen, “Unfortunately, the app has stopped.” This is one of the most annoying situations that most Android users are familiar with.

Here are four ways you can fix this error.

1. Clean Your App Storage

Some of the most common apps that are usually plagued with this error are Contacts and Photo Gallery. It is quite simple to fix this issue in these applications. All you need to do is clear the cache of the concerned app. By deleting all the save data within the app, the given app will work much more smoothly than before.

2. Re-install the App

Sometimes, an app gets corrupted and crashes frequently. Those of you who are faced with such a situation will find the act of uninstalling and reinstalling the application to yield results. All you need to do is find the app on the Play Store and click on uninstall. Once this is done, click on the Install option and enjoy the enhanced performance.

3. Soft Reset Your Phone

If the above two methods fail to succeed, you can try to perform a soft reset on the app. This is basically a fancy term for switching your phone off and on. If you perform a soft reset every now and then, you can avoid the error altogether.

4. Factory Reset

We will advise you to use this as a last resort. Why? This is because by doing a factory reset, you will be permanently deleting all of the data present in the phone. However, the bright side is that the bug that was causing the error will be removed as well.

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