What Are the Common Causes of Socket Error 10051?

Socket Error 10051 is a connection error. The most common causes are firewall or proxy problems, network configuration errors, or server problems.

The socket error code 10051 message has an HTTP status code of 500 which means that the request was unsuccessful and it’s not possible to determine why without more information from the web server (which is no longer available).

What Causes Socket Error 10051?

Socket Error codes can be caused by many things such as firewalls blocking ports on your computer; incorrect settings in your browser; issues with your internet service provider; and other networking-related errors.

There may also be something wrong with your computer systems like outdated drivers for hardware components like wireless cards, sound cards, graphics cards, and motherboard chipset drivers. A virus could also cause this error.

A lot of Socket Errors are only temporary which means that you should wait a while and then try again. If it doesn’t work after a few tries then you probably have bigger problems with your computer system which need to be fixed before trying again. You should also check if there are any new updates available for your device drivers since outdated devices are often the cause of network-related errors like these.

How to Fix Socket Error 10051

To fix this problem, check your browser settings and add exceptions for the site where you get this error. You should also add at least one of the following addresses to your Firewall or Internet Security program which uses a firewall:


There is no means for the computer to connect to another server if the router or modem is down. So you need to check the router or modem. Turn it back on if it’s off. If it is on, check your Internet connection (Wi-Fi or ethernet cable plugged in).

You should also make sure the device’s drivers are up-to-date and reboot your computer before doing anything else.

If you recently moved into a new place with Wi-Fi, you might not be able to connect because the router isn’t set up yet or someone else might be using it already. Talk to your landlord about this so that he can either fix it soon or give you his login credentials so you can access the Wi-Fi yourself. It could also be an issue with security settings which allow Wi-Fi guests but not computers on the local network.

A flawed router might result in socket error 10051 as well. The misconfiguration means that the router thinks it cannot communicate with the server, so it does not try to connect. Some advanced users may be able to find the problem but it is best to call your Internet provider and ask them to check out your router configuration. 

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