5 Easy Ways to Transfer Files Between Computers on the Same Network

With the internet becoming more and more popular, it’s not uncommon to see people on the same network. Sometimes you may even be on a different floor or building in which case there are still ways to transfer files between computers. Fortunately, there are many easy ways to do this by using either flash drives, external hard drives, or other storage options.

Sharing files between the computers connected to the same network isn’t as easy as it sounds, but it is manageable. There are 5 methods you can use and all of them will be explained below. Choose the one that is the most suitable for you.

Using Share across devices

This method is available for Windows 10 computers only. You will need to go to settings, shared experience and look for Share across devices. Enable it and enable it to all nearby computers. Repeat the process on all computers you want to share files with.

Now open sharing folder and paste the file you want to share and select with which computer you want to share it. You will get a notification on the second computer.

Using Email

This is another, very popular and appealing method. Go to sharing folder and click on share. Go to find more people and select the email of the computer you want to send file to. Send it and you are done.

Using Cloud

This method is probably the simplest of them all. All you have to do is to paste the file to the Google Drive or One Drive folder and upload it. Access the folder using another computer and download the file. It is so easy.

Using LAN

To use this method you will need additional software such as D-LAN. Once you open the software you can see the folder and customize it. Upload the files you want to share, go on another computer and install the software. All the shared files will be available.

Using FTP Client

This is more advanced method but relatively simple. You will need software known as BabyFTP. Install it and configure the folder you want to share. You will basically create a server where the folder will be located. On another computer simply connect to that server and access the files. On the second computer, you don’t have to use BabyFTP. You can use any FTP client. FileZilla is my recommendation.


Still, believe this is the complicated and annoying process? There are 5 of them so you can choose each one and share your files almost instantly. The entire process is optimized for users with average knowledge and comes without any catches or issues. And yes, you can use multiple methods if you have a need for that.

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