How to Send Files Too Big for Email

One usual hassle for emails is when you want to send some videos and pictures all at once but it ends up taking too long to process. The worst part is sometimes it does not send or it creates some error upon sending the documents. You might think that it is not possible for the file to be sent, but there are ways to send the files – big or small – through email. You can continue reading below for some tips and ways on how to send them.

The first thing you need to do is to look at the size of the file or document you are trying to send. You can look at it by right-clicking the file and clicking the properties. You will now be able to see the details including the file size of the document. The only thing that will help you choose what kind of file sharing service is to look at the size to identify it.

The next thing is to choose a file sharing service. Various file-sharing services are depending on the type that you will need. You might need to have an account for the web file sharing service and that you can use it for a lifetime. Some have charges, but it will depend on you. Here are some examples of file-sharing services.

Cloud Storage

Google or Google accounts carry out up to 15 GB of storage that you can consume. You can upload and share files with anyone, but on a limited storage only. Once you have exceeded that store data, you can still upload, but with a charge, it will depend on the purchase you are going to take. Another is the Mega cloud storage. This cloud storage focuses on the privacy and encryption of data. They have 50 GB storage that comes for free, and you can update for a specific charge. Last is the mediafire, and it comes with a total of 20 GB storage that you can use for business, basic, and pro accounts. You can upgrade it for 50 GB up to 100tb.

Temporary Cloud Storage

Temporary cloud storage is the same as regular online storage, but this kind does not require online registration, and you can send the files directly. The downslope is that the files aren’t to be kept for an extended period. An example of temporary cloud storage is Firefox Send. This lets you upload a total of 2 GB, and this type usually expires on a short period. Another is WeTransfer, with a total of 2 GB storage limit and you can send it through email and links. The files are to be deleted after a week.

P2P File Sharing

An example of a P2P file sharing is ShareDrop, this gives off no file limit, and it is interactive. People can access this service, and it comes with a black page that you can put your files to. Another is JustBeamIt, the service of sharing comes with one link that people can use to download, and there is no limit in uploading a file. The downslope of this is that it only has 10 minutes until the file expires. Lastly is the Takeafile Live Transfer, this help send up to 500 GB directly to the person you want to share the file to anytime.

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