10 Useful Google Drive Tips

With recent advancement in the field of technology and web browsing, there are many cloud storages available for users to download with various attractive offers and features that appear quite competitive. Cloud storage are those apps that allow a user to back up their files and free up space on their computers, laptops and mobile phones. Google Drive is one among such cloud storages that allow a user to get access to different features as well as safely backing up their files and freeing up spaces in their system.

Due to a lot of competition in the market there arises a need for the user to know how to get the most out of the cloud storage which they use. As Google Drive is quite famous among the crowd, a user should know the basic idea or rather follow sure tips to acquire maximum advantage out of this cloud storage.

  1. The first thing that makes Google Drive popular is that it is easily accessible and can be registered quickly. The user has to go to the Google drive official page and register there to get a free trial of 15GB. Google Drive registration is also quite helpful because it is linked to Google account as such the stored files can be easily attached to Gmails with no file size limit.
  2. Since Google Drive and Google account is linked, photos can be uploaded and shared easily from the drive by merely clicking the From Google Drive option while uploading.
  3. Google Drive also provides many opportunities to collect data by creating forms. After such an arrangement, it can be shared easily by creating a direct link or by attaching it to Gmail.
  4. Save to Google Drive chrome is also another kind of extension to be installed, provided by Google Drive which allows a user to download files from the internet instantly.
  5. Google Drive also allows photos and video editing online. For this Pixlr Editor for pictures and Pixorial Video for editing videos needs to be installed.
  6. Music can be downloaded through the Google Drive browser and to listen to those songs Drive Music needs to be downloaded which has essential functions similar to a music player.
  7. To avoid the inconvenience of opening Google Drive to add files, Google Drive needs to be added to the desktop. Once installed a shortcut can be created to directly send data by just right clicking on the desired file to move and to click on the send to option.
  8. To get faster access to Google Drive, Google Drive can be pinned to the file explorer jumplist. It can be done by merely dragging the Google Drive folder to the file explorer icon the desk bar.
  9. Google drive also provides the ability to retrieve any files, deleted accidentally, from the Bin within 30 days.
  10. As Google Drive is the master of working in collaboration with other apps, there are a lot of other apps in Google Chrome that may work well with Google Drive. Google Drive apps should be browsed to avail other benefits.

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