Common Types of Office Equipment

The office can be a challenging place. There is always something that needs to be done and there are never enough hours in the day to do it all. This makes things even more difficult when you don’t have the right equipment for your job. The following article will discuss 18 different types of office equipment that every business should invest in if they want their employees to succeed!

Office equipment is a general term for the tools and machines that are used in an office. This includes everything from laptops, printers, scanners, fax machines and copy machines to desks, chairs and filing cabinets. The amount of office equipment needed depends on what kind of business you have. For example, companies that work with customers need more desk space than those who don’t require customer interaction.

Business machine

Computer – Computers are used in just about every type of industry, but they’re especially common in offices where there must be plenty of computing power available to store company records and information on employees.

Tablet – Tablets come at all different sizes so it should suit what you need them for whether it be reading emails or typing up documents on word processors like Microsoft Word.

LaptopLaptops have become more popular over time because they allow people to do anything from working remotely, checking social media channels, playing games or even browsing the internet while taking some short rest.

Printer – It is a required machine in an office to print out document and other important information.

Scanner – A scanner is used to scan and digitize images or paper documents. Scanning is a crucial task for most businesses these days as they digitize nearly everything.

Photocopier – It’s a machine that can copy an original onto a blank sheet of paper by pressing the two together. If you photocopy a lot, invest in a larger upright machine to save time.

Paper Shredder – You never know what confidential information might accidentally slip from your fingers onto the floor so it’s best to have one on hand just in case something goes wrong while taking care of business with papers or other materials that require burning. It may seem trivial considering what kind of work you do, but it’s always wise to shred sensitive documents before throwing them out.

Fax Machine – You never know when you’ll need one of these for transmitting documents, but when you do it’s best not to have to go find someone with access to theirs because they’re too busy doing their own work that requires no office equipment at all like emailing people. If it’s an emergency then use Skype instead of faxing because if anything goes wrong its only bad news from now on in this place we call hell.

Calculator – For simple addition, subtraction and multiplication needs. Maybe your employee is off sick or just a little distracted today? A calculator might save the day!

Office Supplies & Stationary

Stapler – It may be a little outdated these days and not as necessary for staples of the office like paper clips are now, but when you’re in need of one this will come in handy.

Label Maker – If everyone else is doing their job then they’ll label everything neatly for me! No more searching through drawers looking for things I can’t find because there was no name on it.

Large Safety Pin – These are great little items to keep on hand as they come in handy when you need to mark an important page of a document or want to hold two pieces of fabric together temporarily so they don’t get mixed up while working with them.

Permanent Marker – A permanent marker helps with labeling and writing on different surfaces so that whoever needs access has a quick way of finding what they are looking for without having to dig through piles of paperwork (or have someone else do it). Keep one in your desk drawer at all times!

Temperature Gun – A temperature gun will allow you to test different tools and items around the office without actually having to touch them which avoids any possible contamination. The temperature gun is handy to have around the office for various reasons, but mainly use it if you want to test your equipment or ensure that everything in sight isn’t overheating when they shouldn’t be.

Laser Level – One thing most people don’t realize about owning their own business is how much time goes into building up an inventory as well as setting things up just right within a workspace. That’s where laser levels come in handy. They offer the perfect way to make sure your shelving is level and straight, or that you have everything situated in just the right spot for maximum efficiency.

Wooden Ruler – While many of us use our fingers these days as digital rulers, this gadget offers a more accurate way of measuring things such as fabric or paper cuts so they’re perfect every time!

Tape Dispenser – In my opinion this should always be in an office because you’ll need tape at some point when packing up your desk or tackling other tasks around the house.

Pens & Pencils – I don’t know about you but all of mine have gone missing over time (or else they were chewed by my dog). It’s important to keep them close by so that it doesn’t take too much effort just to find one before starting work again.

Paper Clips – These little guys will come in handy if someone ever needs to bring charts or graphs to a meeting.

Rubber Bands – In case someone ever needs to wrap up their work and take it home, rubber bands are the perfect way of ensuring that papers don’t get scattered all over in transit.

Binder Clips – These come in handy when you’re trying to close large stacks of paper together because they hold everything neatly without breaking them apart!

Scissors – We always need these around for cutting fabric and measuring things like ribbon lengths so if you can find a pair with two different-sized blades then there’s even less chance of running out of scissors during your big project.

Punch Tool – Whether we’re making holes in cardboard as part of an arts and crafts activity or punching holes in a series of cards to make an index, it’s always useful to have one of these around.

Hammer – Whether you’re using the claw end for pulling nails out or the other side as a flat-headed hammer, this tool is invaluable when assembling furniture and anything else that might need some tightening up on occasion.

Office Furnitures

Desk – It is the furniture that houses an office. It’s important to get a desk with enough space for your computer and other work materials as well as some extra storage if needed.

Lamp – As someone who works from home, I’ve found that it can get pretty dark sometimes if the sun sets early (or if there are cloudy days). It’s important to have a light nearby so you don’t strain your eyes too much while working without rest.

Office Chair – An office chair is one piece of equipment that supports our backsides during those long hours spent at work sitting there staring at the computer screen. There are plenty out there that will suit every budget with prices ranging from $200 up to hundreds more if you’re looking for something comfortable.

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