Ableton Live Hotkeys

Ableton Live is a software program that can be used to create and produce music. It is widely popular in the EDM (electronic dance music) scene because it has many features suited for live performances, such as its ability to link together different tracks on one interface. Not only does this make it easy for DJs to play sets, but also allows them to use samples during their set without having any hardware necessary! Ableton Live also has an extensive library of sounds that are royalty free, meaning anyone can use them without any problems. Whether you’re looking for new ways to experiment with your sound or want a quick way of creating music from scratch, then Ableton Live is the perfect choice!

In Ableton Live, you have the ability to use any number of tracks and layers for your master project. For example, if one wanted to create a song with an intro followed by two verses that end in a chorus before going into another verse, they could load up these three different sections on separate tracks so each instrument is distinctly heard without being muddled together. The same goes for vocals as well! You can stack vocals over and under one another until it sounds just right- whether layered or not!

Ableton Live also has many features geared towards live performances; such as its ability to link together different track interfaces (like drum beats), linking samples during performance time (without having any hardware necessary!), using more effects than most other DAWs out there, and its ability to split a set of audio into different parts that can be played back in various places at once.

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Toggle Full Screen ModeF11
Toggle Second WindowCTRL-Shift-W
Toggle Session/Arrangement ViewTab
Toggle Device/Clip ViewShift-Tab or F12
Hide/Show Detail ViewCTRL-ALT-L or Shift-F12
Toggle Hot-Swap ModeQ
Toggle Drum Rack/last-selected PadD
Hide/Show Info ViewShift-?
Hide/Show Video WindowCTRL-ALT-V
Hide/Show BrowserCTRL-ALT-B
Hide/Show OverviewCTRL-ALT-O
Hide/Show In/OutCTRL-ALT-I
Hide/Show SendsCTRL-ALT-S
Hide/Show MixerCTRL-ALT-M
Open the PreferencesCTRL-,
Close Window/DialogESC


Arrow KeysSelect Neighboring Clip/Slot
Arrow Up/Arrow DownScroll Down/Up
Ctrl+ASelect all
Ctrl+ASelect all Clips/Slots
Ctrl+DragCopy Clips
Ctrl+EAdd/Remove Stop Button
Ctrl+FSearch in Browser
Ctrl+IInsert Scene
Ctrl+Shift+IInsert Captured Scene
Ctrl+Shift+MInsert MIDI clip
Ctrl+Up & down arrowMove Nonadjacent Sceneswithout Collapsing
Down arrowJump to Search Results
EnterLaunch Selected Clip/Slot
EnterLoad Selected Item from Browser
F1 -> F8Activate/Deactivate Track
F10Back to Arrangement
HomeMove Insert Marker to Beginning
Right and left arrowClose/Open Folders
Shift+EnterPreview Selected File
Shift+SpaceContinue Play from Stop Point
SpacePlay Arrangement View Selection
SpacePlay from Start Marker/Stop

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