6 Best Laravel CMS Packages to Replace WordPress

Laravel is the best PHP framework in recent years. It leads to many Laravel-based CMSes being developed.

If you like Laravel and want to create a new website within the shortest amount of time, following are 8 popular CMSes.

October CMS

October CMS is a free and open-source Laravel platform. The CMS can be understood at a glance and is easy to use for anyone.  October adapts Twig, which is a simple template language, created specifically for web designer.

Coaster CMS

Coaster is friendly to both developers and designers. Coaster’s block-based template model is built upon Laravel 5’s blade system, which makes it easy to create page’s design with neat code.


PyroCMS is a simple and read-to-use Laravel CMS built for everyone. It has own sets of APIs to encourages good code and best practices. Its strong feature is to allow developer develop complex websites and modules.


Statamic’s admin control panel uses a Vue.js. It has every things for to start a blog or a news site right away. It is a powerful content management system with WYSIWYG editor for admins.


TypiCMS is a modular multilingual CMS developed with Laravel 5.2. It already creates taxonomy, blog, news, media, event and many other features for you to use them right after installation. TypiCMS is an open-source software licensed under the MIT license.


Botble is a CMS based on Laravel Framework with many features to start your new website. It can be used to develop multi-purpose websites.