Top 5 jQuery Form Wizard Plugins (Step-by-Step Form)

There are many situations a website has to display complex or lengthy tasks in a sequence of dialog boxes. The UI component which allows that present is called a wizard. Now we are going to talk about the top 5 jQuery wizard plugins.


First, we have the jQuery Smart Wizard.  The smart wizard belongs in the top 5 jQuery wizard plugins because it is very flexible and it is an extremely customizable plugin.  It is very easy to manage while offering a stylish interface at the same time. A lot of features such as toolbars come with the smart wizard and in time, more things will be added to improve the quality and the process of this plugin.

  • Bootstrap 3 & 4 support
  • Responsive themes
  • Heavily customizable toolbar, the option to add extra buttons
  • Theme support with various themes included
  • Customizable CSS styles
  • Url navigation and step selection
  • Public methods for external function call
  • Enhanced event support
  • In-built reset method
  • Dynamically hide or disable steps
  • Integratable to model window
  • Ajax content loading with the option to specify individual URLs for steps
  • Keyboard navigation
  • Easy navigation with step anchors and navigation buttons
  • Multiple wizard instances on the same page
  • Auto content height adjustment
  • Compatible with latest jQuery versions (jQuery 1.9+, jQuery 2+, jQuery 3+)
  • Easy to implement, Minimal HTML required
  • and a lot more…

JQuery Steps

The jQuery steps is a smart plugin UI that lets you work more flexibly because it lets you create interfaces much more easily. Adding plugins to JQuery steps is also very easy since it does not require a lot of effort to do.  Best of all,  jQuery Steps has full support for HTML 5.

Twitter Bootstrap Wizard

This wizard plugin creates a wizard from a tab-able structure. This plugin allows you to build a wizard-like functionality with buttons, which in turn will allow you to create any event you want, step by step.


formToWizard is a lightweight wizard plugin that deals with forms.  Forms can be found on just about every web page there is. formToWizard works between cross platforms and can function well in different browsers.  This plugin is responsible for turning any web form into an easy multi-step process with forward and back buttons, which makes the application of forms much easier.


This plugin will convert any form into a sliding wizard-like form as well.  This plugin also has the functionality of not letting the user slide to the next form until any and or all data errors are corrected. Stepform will also allow the user to manipulate the forms with keystrokes and not just mouse commands.

Now that we have tackled the top 5 jQuery wizard plugins, we now know that JQuery is one of the best JavaScript frameworks out there since it works cross-platform and eases the work by reducing the complexity of the coding process. These plugins are good enough and one should have no problem finding the right tool for the job.

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