Top 5 jQuery Audio Plugins

Audio plugins are an inexpensive and most convenient way to directly play music on your device or web page through internet access. Building your plugin is time consuming and usually not worth the effort, which is why there are numerous audio plugins available in the market now.

We have selected top 5 best jQuery plugins for audio players to make your webpage user-friendly to play any audio.


This audio plugin tops the list because of its high compatibility with local or third-party sources. It supports audio from SoundCloud, Youtube, Witch and DailyMotion. Besides jQuery, it can be configured with Node, Javascript and even Require.js and React. The plugin feathers audio as well as video plugins. The lightweight jQuery plugin is easy on the storage, and it makes loading pages quicker as compared to other audio plugins.


jWebAudio is specially designed to add sound effects to online games. It is lightweight but can store tons of sound effects in the built-in sound library. It can record audio through a mixer or a mic and digital recordings from other media. It supports resampling and dithering which gives a high-quality sound. It also has editing features with cut, copy, paste/ delete to customise your audio for the best effect.

ToneDen Audio Player

This sleek audio plugin is highly functional for websites and projects. It can store numerous audio files while being lightweight without compromising on the web page load time. You can sync it with other live audio players such as Soundcloud and view analytics of the audio such as the number of plays, downloads, likes and comments. It is easily accessible through the keyboard that allows track selection.


This audio and video player is highly efficient and free jQuery media player. They are written in JavaScript and used by renowned sites such as BBC and even Pandora. It also has editing features that make customising audio easier. The plugin supports spectrogram view mode which makes it more comfortable to view and select sound frequencies. The simple plugin is also equipped with import/export and combine sound file features in different formats.

Responsive Audio Player

This tiny, lightweight audio player is built to play a single audio file without external Flash players and Javascript. The subtle plugin is functional in your smartphone or a 30-inch display screen, and the simple design does not display any visuals. The best part about this plugin is the touch-friendly feature that makes it compatible and adaptable for use in any touchscreen device!


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