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Free Online Barcode Generator : Create 1D Barcodes

This free online barcode generator can create most 1D barcodes. Data Type EAN 8 (requires data to be 8 characters) EAN 13 (requires data to be 13 characters) UPC standard 2 of 5 (industrial) interleaved 2 of 5 code 11 code 39 code 93 code 128 codabar MSI Result

Convert HEX to RGB Online

This tool can convert HEX to RGB and vise versa. Only input either HEX field or RGB fields to convert the values to the others. HEX code HEX code RGB code Red (0-255) Green (0-255) Blue (0-255) What does this HEX to RGB converter do? It takes input from 2 sources, HEX or RGB values. …

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HEX RGB and RGBA Color Picker

HEX, RGB, and RGBA Color Picker is a color picker which shows chosen color in RGBA and HEX value. The left slider is used to choose RGB, while the right one is for Alpha/Opacity value. The RGB color model is an additive color model in which red, green and blue light are appended together in …

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Facebook Text Formatting Tool – Unicode Text Converter

Make your post more attractive by using Facebook Text Formatting Tool! By default, most social networks don’t support formatted text. This tool will help you create formatted text for Facebook, Twitter and any other social networks. If you want to view more Facebook tools, check Facebook Text Formatting Tool Unicode Text Converter Result 𝗕𝗼𝗹𝗱 Copy …

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HEX Color Finder

HEX Color Finder is a simple tool to help developer and designer pick color in HEX value. A color hex code determines color by using hexadecimal values. It is a hex triplet and contains 6 hexadecimal values , which represents three separate values that specify the levels of the Red, Green, and Blue colors. HEX …

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Online Tip Calculator

Bill ($) Tip (%) Split (people) Online Tip Calculator is the most simple tip calculator on the internet. Should you tip? Yes, if the service was good according yo your standard. Tips can help people in service industry a lot. How much should you tip? 15% – 20%, is often the acceptable value in North …

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Convert px to cm

Convert pixels to centimeters for various types of printing and custom size from typing in height and width in pixels. Width px Height px Custom DPI dpi B/w print (100 dpi) cm cm Colour print (200 dpi) cm cm Offset (300 dpi) cm cm Custom (96 dpi) cm cm

Online Case Converter

Title Case UPPER CASE lower case Sentence case Capitalized Case Online Case Converter can convert the input text to UPPER CASE, lower case, Title Case, Sentence case, and Capitalized Case. The case conversion is done once you input text then press the respective button. If you type a block of text in wrong case accidentally …

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Convert PX to REM Online

Base Pixel px Input Source px rem   What is a REM?A rem is a root em. Rem is a unit of typography equal to root font-size. Rem is built to provide some relief of em computational problem which occurs in many situations. PX to REM formularem = pixel / base pixelThe formula is similar …

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