Online JavaScript CSS Minifier and Compressor

When it comes to coding, no one wants to write the same thing twice. We want to be able to say what we need without having to retype it in a new sentence, and that’s where text minifiers come in handy.

JavaScript and CSS minifiers are programs that take out unnecessary spaces from code in order for more of them to fit on the screen or page, as well as taking out some of the less important parts so they don’t clutter up the content.

Online JavaScript and CSS Compressor

Compress and obfuscate Javascript and CSS code online completely free using this minifier.

This tool will:


  • Removes comments and white spaces.
  • Renames every local var, typically to a single character.
  • Keep Microsoft’s conditional comments.


  • Removes comments and white spaces.

This JavaScript and CSS Compressor takes care of removing comments and white spaces so that your site is clean, compact, and loading fast. Files are renamed to single characters for more manageable consistency. Make sure to use Microsoft’s conditional comments thanks to the unique skill set this product provides.

Digitize has created an online tool you can trust so that you don’t have to worry about the tedious work of cleaning up compressed code with a confusing list of steps! We want your code better looking now than ever before, even as it shrinks in size!

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