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Do you have a website? Do you post anything on it? Well, if you do, then you need to escape string quotes. You see, most of the time people use double quotes and not single quotation marks when they type in their content, but this is not always the best idea. Double quotes will not work for some languages unless they are escaped with a backslash “\” before them.

So why should we care about escaping string quotes online? To put it simply: your content may show up differently depending on which device someone sees.

Escape Single and Double Quotes in a String

Have you ever found yourself reading a blog post and realizing that the author has been using double quotes instead of single quotes? It can be really frustrating to read. You start wondering if you missed something or if the author is just being lazy. For example, “He said ‘I love you”” should be written as “He said ‘I love you.'” There are many ways to fix this issue but you can use our tool, Escape String Quotes Online.

Just type in or paste your string to the text field and pick either single or double quote type and it will automatically get backslash-escaped. 

Type: Single Quotes Double Quotes

If you are writing in HTML, then I would recommend using single or double quotes because some websites treat ‘ and ” differently.

Even when writing in raw HTML, you might prefer to write your strings inside the double quotes for consistency, because that is what we are used to in JavaScript.

However, if you need to escape them anyway, then I recommend doing it before adding the closing double quote: 

If you put the ” as part of a longer string literal and use backslashes as escaped characters in many places then your code can get quite messy (or at least more complicated).

Maybe there is some practical limit here on how long a string can be, but 2-3 times longer than 80 columns looks like enough for me and above all readable. It gives us a lot of freedom what should come at the end!

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