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Online Tip Calculator is the most simple, straightforward tip calculator on the internet. We’ve eliminated any extraneous steps in figuring out percentages to avoid confusion. Online Tip Calculator is an all-in-one solution for one of the most common dilemmas: how much do I need to leave after a meal?

Type in the bill amount, tip percentage, number of people to split the bill to calculate the amount one should pay.

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What is a Tip?

The word “tip” is thrown around a lot in the service industry, but what does it really mean? This blog post will explore different meanings for the definition of tip and how much you should give.

A tip can be defined as money given to an individual performing good or service (such as when giving a waiter, hairdresser, etc). There are many reasons why people consider tipping someone. For example: they want to show appreciation for their hard work or they want that person to feel valued.

In general, most Americans have been trained from an early age that tipping is something you do out of gratitude for services rendered; however there may also be times where tipping has nothing to do with gratitude at all.

Should You Tip?

Yes, if the service was good according yo your standard. Tips can help people in service industry a lot.

I’m sure you have been faced with the question, should I tip? There are so many different opinions on this subject. Some believe tipping is an insult to hospitality and service industries while others see it as their way of rewarding good service.

In order to provide better customer service, servers need tips in order to earn more money than they would typically make from just their hourly wage.

Customers also benefit because when tips are added onto the bill, it will help drive down prices which will make them happy too! It’s really up to you if you want to tip or not but at least now you know what some possible advantages could be.

How Much Should You Tip?

The amount of a tip is determined by the service you received. The person’s age, position and what type of establishment they work for all play a role in how much should be tipped.

If someone is working as a waiter or waitress, it’s customary to leave 15-20% of your total bill, depending on how well they serve you.

Bartenders are also tipped at least $1 per drink poured but not less than 20%. Tips can be given in cash or with credit card when paying the bill if there isn’t an area specifically designated for tips.”

So, 15% – 20%, is often the acceptable value in North America. Outside North America, The number might be different.

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