Watching Anime as a Hobby

Who says that cartoons or anime are only for kids? Yes, if there are anime for kids, there are also anime for adults. More teens and adults prefer watching anime as a hobby, besides listening to music or watching movies.

Why not?

Animes have different genres that you would enjoy. From action to horror, there are animes that you would find interesting to watch. For example, you time travel back to the 90s era and watch Detective Conan or revive your excitement for ninjas by watching Naruto.

These animes became part of your childhood and also the future generation. Anime has become part of social media as well. You can see Goku, Ichigo, or Luffy on facebook and other social media sites. Some users even had profile pics of their favorite anime characters.

Why is Watching Anime Considered a Hobby?

Since watching anime is part of everyone’s childhood, most anime fans today already make it a hobby.     


New animes from the manga are turned into TV series that anime fans are thrilled to see. Most animes have more 100 episodes, so most people prefer to watch it during their free time.

That’s not all.

Animes teach viewers lessons such as sacrifice, love, faith, and more. Animes aren’t only good graphics and great dialogues. Lessons await you in every episode or movie you’re watching. These values serve as an inspiration to appreciate life at all times.

Why Do People Love Anime?

Even if you’re not a die-hard anime fan, you would be intrigued to watch an anime because of its characters. Yes, anime characters are detailed and in-depth that makes them real. They have different personalities and charm that makes watching them fun.

 Anime isn’t also a hobby but a way to become creative. How? Cosplay, of course!

Many cosplayers around the world meet for cosplay events. Here, they dress up according to their favorite anime character. You can share ideas with other otakus or anime fans. You might be inspired to make your next outfit after seeing other fellow cosplayers.

Also, who wouldn’t forget about the wide variety of animes you can watch. You can see fantasy comedy, action, and adventure animes. Whether you love mystery or sports animes, lots of anime genres are perfect for you!

Anime also reflects escapism where you’re allowed to travel or see another world. The fun world of anime makes you forget the hassles of life. You can watch comedy, inspired amines, and laugh.  Are you romantic dude or gal? Romance animes are best for you! 

From these extensive genre selections, you wouldn’t get bored at all!

How to start?

Find good anime to watch

The easiest way to find good anime is by looking up the genre(s) you enjoy. It’s more difficult when you’re just starting out, but this can be a great place to start. You’ll also want to look at what people say about an anime on social media or online reviews before committing–no one wants your time wasted!

If there are any other interests of yours that might connect with certain types of shows (*cough* my love for Studio Ghibli *cough*) then it may help as well. For example, if you like fantasy novels and manga series, then the Fate Zero series would be perfect for getting into shonen action series (the likes of Naruto and One Piece). Or if you’re a fan of wrestling, then Dragon Ball Z is the perfect anime to start with.

Otherwise, just go for what catches your eye and don’t be afraid to branch out from there! You never know when one show will lead you to another that might become your new favorite obsession.

Lastly, I recommend reading reviews before watching any series online or downloading it–it’s always good to have some idea of how long each episode will last so as not to get caught off guard if you need/want time away from screens (which is important during these days).

Follow anime forums

This is a great way to find out the latest news on your favorite series, and it’s also a good way to discover new shows. I recommend following Anime News Network or MyAnimeList for finding anime-related news and reviews–both sites have their own pros/cons, but might be worth checking out!

Lastly, many forums offer suggestions in addition to episode recaps so that you know before watching what general topics will likely come up during each episode of whatever show you’ve chosen. This can help with getting into any dramatic storylines or picking which romance storyline(s) are most interesting from the get-go.

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