Luffy’s 5th Gear

The captain of Strawhat Pirates is well-known Monkey D. Luffy, as you may know, that already. The second fact you may know is that he is Devil Fruit user and his fruit is Gomu Gomu no Mi which turned his body into rubber. The main ability is stretchiness and it is impressive. We must add that Monkey D. Luffy is the most powerful pirate in the New World.

All 5 gears explained

One of the reasons why Luffy is so powerful are the gears. Basically, these are abilities that allow for him to be stronger, faster and more powerful. The first gear is actually called Gear Second. In this form, he can pump the blood faster through the body which allows him to move super-fast.

The third gear allows for him to push air through the bones and make a giant out of himself. Basically, he will increase his body significantly.

The fourth gear is similar. Basically, he will increase his muscles and make his body more than just powerful. We all liked that considering that the first two gears lacked the power (first) or speed (second).

We agree that Luffy needs the 5th gear. He will probably find the ability of awakening. At the moment we know that he can stay a long period of time in the 4th gear. We also know that he used Haki in order to keep the power under control. All combined we can tell that the 5th gear will be the most powerful till now. Maybe he will be able to turn the entire surrounding into rubber, which offers unlimited possibilities.

For some of you, the 5th gear will be more than just appealing, but for all of us, the combination of the gears is something special. Add the fun factor and we can see plenty of interesting situations.

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